Dirty Tinder Pickup Lines
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Best Dirty Tinder Pickup Lines for All Occasions

Best Dirty Tinder Pickup Lines for All Occasions

Tinder is a good way to meet people. The only problem is that sometimes you can be unsure how to open a conversation, or what are some creative ways to chat with your match. Thus, more and more people start to wonder – what are some good, dirty Tinder application pickup lines?

If you’ve set up a profile on the app already, chances are you’ve probably started receiving messages from potential suitors. But what if you wanted to take it one step further? What if, instead of sending the usual “Hey” or “What’s up?” messages, you wanted to fire off something even dirtier than before? Well now is your chance!

And today, we will share with you some great, dirty Tinder pickup lines, this may be a fun, interesting way to impress the other person. We’re going to give you a few examples of some of the naughtiest and dirty Tinder pickup lines that you could ever send. Keep in mind though, these are not for the faint of heart. If you’re not comfortable with sending sexually explicit messages right off the bat, then maybe you should try easing your way into things first. But if you’re feeling frisky and want to go for it, then by all means, go ahead and send these best dirty Tinder conversation starters!

Best Dirty Tinder Pickup Strategies

What is dirty Tinder’s best pickup line to plunge into an unforgettable sexual adventure after the very first message? How to behave with a lady so that she might get interested? We have considered the best pickup strategies and categorized them into 3 types: radical, stealthy, and dirty.

  1. Radical pickup strategy

The radical pickup strategy implies a direct blunt approach, when a person expresses their desires directly and encourages the other person. With this strategy, you persuade others to have sex with the help of hot compliments, ambiguous hints, and direct invitations. Such a blunt method is good, but it does not work with everyone in the free dirty Tinder app, some may even be downright offended and/or put off. So use this method carefully.

  1. Stealthy pickup strategy

The stealthy pickup strategy warrants its name. You browse dirty tinder profiles, find a person you like, and hit on them without revealing your true intentions. You chat, share jokes, without necessarily talking dirty right away. And when the right time comes, you lead up to the main event.

  1. Dirty pickup strategy

This is a frivolous, light-hearted, fun, and spontaneous strategy on the verge of foolery. And with it, you joke with other people, using vulgar and dirty phrases. So how to use it? Try to be relaxed and funny. Joke, use sarcasm. Behave like an old friend, but with a touch of sexuality and vulgar innuendo. You can even explore dirty Tinder bios and write something similar in your profile. Do not be afraid to sound rude. For instance, if flirting with a girl, you can just praise her dress, but it’s better to say: “You look cool and your dress has nothing to do with this.”

Dirty Pick up Lines to Say to a Girl on Tinder

According to many dirty Tinder app reviews, many people are often embarrassed to start a conversation with naughty pickup lines. Initially, you may practice your pickup skills using simple phrases. There are a great number of funny, original, and cool conversation starters. But the bolder, dirtier, and more vicious sayings work even better. The main thing is to be confident in yourself and active. These dirty phrases will make the beauty blush a little, perk up, and take a fancy to you. The dirty Tinder lines are a bit shocking but very effective. We have compiled a list of naughty examples of pickup lines that will come in handy for you. If you write them to different girls, then you will certainly do something pleasant in bed this evening!

  1. How do you get through security? You are a real bomb!
  2. If COVID has not put you to bed yet, then I will.
  3. I missed my teddy bear. May I sleep with you tonight?
  4. Why do you wear a bra if I’m ready to carry your breasts for free?
  5. Do you like the “Ice Age” cartoon and squirrels? I have two nuts for you.
  6. If I give you a kiss in the rain, you will get wet on two occasions.
  7. Want pizza and sex? Just don’t say you don’t like pizza.
  8. Tell your boobs to stop looking me in the eyes.
  9. Seeing you gave me such dirty thoughts that we need to take a bath together.
  10. Do you like jazz? If this is so, I’d like to show you my saxophone.
  11. Do you know the difference between a hot iron and an erection? I have no iron.
  12. Sit on my face and I will measure your weight.
  13. I’m a speleologist. Don’t you have a cave for me to explore?
  14. My ears are freezing! Can you warm them with your knees?
  15. Do you mind casual sex? I will put on a bow tie, so it will be official.
  16. I lost my girlfriend. Can I look for her under your clothes?
  17. You have the face of an angel, but the body of a great sinner.
  18. Hi! Do you mind playing lovers in love?
  19. Do you want to watch adult films with me in my new mirror?
  20. I’m not a mathematician, but I like your seductive curves.
  21. There are a lot of calories in your drink, but I have an idea how to burn them.
  22. You must be from hell to look so hot and devilishly tempting.
  23. I would steal your chair so that you sit on my face.
  24. Maybe we can have sex? But first a date.
  25. If you were a live grenade, I would lay down on you to save others.
  26. You are like a socket because I want to stick my fingers in you.
  27. I want to shoot you with our future children.
  28. You do want to get laid! It’s not a question.
  29. Do you love stars? There is a very nice telescope right here with me.
  30. I love the part of your body where the legs lose their name.
  31. Your smile is big and hot, like my penis.
  32. You have nice shoes. Do you wanna get laid?
  33. My penis has fallen unconscious from your beauty. Can you give me artificial respiration?
  34. Your boobs remind me of mountains. Can I conquer them?
  35. Should I bring you coffee or tea in bed after sex in the morning?
  36. You are so sexy that I seek to kiss you on the lips, and then higher… on the belly button.
  37. This skirt looks wonderful on you, but I will look better.
  38. I’m not a thief, but I will open your back passage.
  39. Are you a nurse? You just cured my sexual dysfunction.
  40. Do you love billiards? I’d like you to take a cue and play with my balls.
  41. Do you want a Mexican kiss? It is similar to the French but on the lower lips.
  42. You have a lovely dress, but it would look better on my bed.
  43. I’m embarrassed about your clothes. You have to take it off.
  44. Let’s play squirrel, I’ll hide my nuts in your hollow.
  45. I hope you are a plumber as my tap is dripping when I look at you.
  46. If you are not ready to get laid with a stranger right away, then I’m ready to wait 5 minutes.
  47. You look so naughty and provocative that I have no other thoughts than wild sex with you.
  48. I’d like to tell you a funny story about my penis, but it’s too long.
  49. What time do you’re beautiful legs open today?
  50. I have a nice shirt. You can wear it after sex in the morning.
  51. Do you practice yoga? I want to test your flexibility.
  52. You wouldn’t believe it, but I can predict the future. We will have sex at least once.
  53. I have something for you, but it is indecent to show this in public.
  54. Your body will be with you always, and I crave for it only for one hot night.
  55. Remember my name. You will scream it later in bed.
  56. Let’s save water and take a shower together.
  57. I have insomnia. Will you help me brighten up the night?
  58. I have lost the joy of life. Can I search in your panties?
  59. Sleeping alone is a waste of my love talent.
  60. Can I borrow your body?
  61. Don’t tell me what to do while you’re not naked.
  62. You are so hot that my volcano wants to explode inside you.
  63. I can read your mind. And now, I will answer your silent question: I will spend the night with you, baby!
  64. Legs like yours simply have to embrace my neck.
  65. I’m like Santa Claus and I have a present for a naughty girl.

Do you like these fun and naughty phrases? Don’t forget to use them when chatting with the beauties on Tinder! And you can also look for more dirty Tinder pick up lines on Reddit!

Dirty Pickup Lines to Say to a Man on Tinder

A girl’s initiative in sex is the most desirable fantasy of almost any guy. Alas, many women can be quite reluctant using such dirty tinder pick up lines. But there’s nothing to be afraid of, some men really like dirty Tinder bios of female users and naughty pickup lines. This turns them on – especially if you send an erotic, saucy message at theend of the day, when they would love to relax.

So you can consider the following dirty pickup lines for Tinder, put your complexes aside, and don’t be afraid to break the ice. The result will not keep you waiting!

  1. They say kissing is the language of love. Maybe we should talk?
  2. I’m afraid of pregnancy. Let’s go to my place and test my condoms for strength.
  3. Will you sin with me at the next confession?
  4. Please, tell me a time when you will be without pants.
  5. I’m a real driver – I can drive you mad.
  6. I certainly love my bed very much. But I prefer to lay in yours.
  7. My clothes would look amazing on the floor of your bathroom.
  8. I missed my sugar candy. I think it is in your pants.
  9. I know a great way to burn calories. But I need your help.
  10. I have a suggestion: you are number 6, I’m number 9.
  11. If I were a judge, I would have sentenced you to daily night caresses.
  12. Is that the phone in your pocket or are you so glad to see me?
  13. If being sexy is a crime, you would be given a life sentence.
  14. You are like a trampoline. I want to jump on you so hard.
  15. You are like a planet – getting hotter every day.
  16. Why do we need a cinema? Let’s shoot our own movie.
  17. Stay as you are, but take off your clothes.
  18. Well, someone has to call the cops. My heart is stolen!
  19. I want to be the devil on your shoulder. And also in your bed.
  20. I’ve done the DNA today. It turns out that I’m 100% your baby.

These phrases are good for attracting any man. Start dirty Tinder app download and go ahead to win over men’s hearts!

How to Get a Girl into Bed via Dirty Tinder App

So you sent a girl a cool pickup line and she answered you. How to arrange a first date to impress your new acquaintance? How to carry on the conversation to persuade a beauty to have sex with you? The below-mentioned tips will help you!

  • Do not speak just about sex

When flirting with someonneon Tinder, never make sex the sole focus of your conversation. Such behavior can only drove people way, thinking that sex is all you care about. In order to peak a person’s interest, dirty talk is not enough – you need to bond with a person.

  • Spend time and money on her

Of course, this is not at all the main condition of seduction, but it’s an obligatory “background”. Do not expect that after one gloomy tulip and a walk in the park, a woman will be ready to jump into your bed. Do not be lazy and arrange an amazing date for the lady to spark her interest. By the way, there is no need to come to a meeting with flowers – this always looks trivial. It will be much more effective if you run for a bunch of flowers right during your walk. It will look not like duty or politeness but a sincere outburst of feelings.

  • Be confident in yourself

Confident, assertive behavior is what can really excite dirty Tinder mature and young ladies. However, do not pretend to be macho, a cowboy, and other caricatures of masculinity. You should be calm, friendly, helpful, and gallant. Do not be arrogant or aggressive – such behavior repels not only women, but everyone.

  • Try to build trust

Your task is to endear a girl as much as possible to prompt the desire to implement her deepest sexual fantasies with you. Try to ask more questions, ask her opinion on a particular issue, and be attentive and sincere. Women love when men listen to them.

  • Don’t forget about compliments

Not every man has great charisma, but you may well develop certain qualities that will allow you to become more charming. And the main thing here is a good sense of humor and the ability to pay compliments. For example, tell a girl a funny story from your life. As for compliments, they should be individual and honest.

  • Do not delay with foreplay

For some reason, most men believe that they first need to feed the girl and make her drunk, and then move on to the 2nd stage – eve teasing and sex. Such formalism is always felt and terribly infuriates women. Therefore, begin to establish physical contact along with the emotional. Initially, your touch should be light and to the “publicly accessible” parts of the body (arms, shoulders), and then gradually move on to more intimate places. The main thing is to pretend that nothing special is happening so that the girl does not want to interrupt you. And only when the beauty is ready to “do anything” right here on the floor of the restaurant, proceed to a question like “To your place or mine?”

Final Thoughts

Millions of people from all over the world love Tinder and use it regularly. It is not at all difficult to find a perfect match, but It is much more complicated to strike up a conversation properly in order to spark the interest of your match. But hopefully, we have made this task easier for you and hope that these best dirty pick up lines for Tinder will come in handy for you. So best of luck!

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