does dateranking review websites?
Affiliate Disclosure


When a person plans to use a certain product or service, they assess whether it serves the main purpose. We realize that it is the main issue our users have when they start using our website. Our Company has exactly the same concerns and doubts. We are interested in positive final decisions when it comes to interests. We are not motivated to pay for the particular service to discover only pitfalls, which belong to the merchandise use. The Company offers its clients the testimonials that protect the impartial data whenever you use a particular site/service.

When we examine a certain dating site or application, we have to compare the vast amount of information that we collect from the open marketplace. We do an in-depth assessment to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients. We pay extra attention to specialized criteria by focusing on the essential attributes.

Here is what we check for you:

  • The quality of provided services – a person must know that it will pay off. We check every website/application ourselves, read reviews written by real members, and make our professional conclusion. All the collected information helps us present a clear and complete picture of the service you are going to use.
  • The pricing policy of the provided services and the value for money because we understand that our clients are not interested in paying extra for mediocre goods or services. You can be sure such issues will not happen to you. Our Company is responsible for checking the selling price for online dating services and comparing whether they are average and fit the market limits.
  • Member database is another parameter we check for you to ensure that the provided online dating services will meet your personal needs. The best method is to explore the member database. It has to be up-to-date and focused on the online dating experience. Also, we pay attention to the level of responsiveness of the registered members for you not to lose much time waiting for the replies.
  • User interface – nowadays, the number of people who use mobile devices for online dating keeps growing enormously. That is why it is essential to check if a newly registered member can access a site on all systems. It is a normal criterion for the comfort of modern people who value mobility and speed.
  • Professional customer support services – it is not enough to have an eye-catching site or application. Technical and security issues arise all the time within the online dating community. That is why it is essential for a reliable online dating platform to provide professional, highly responsive, 24/7 customer support. A registered member must not wait too long to get the needed assistance or advice. Our Company checks how a site’s customer support functions and how fast they respond.