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eHarmony vs Match – Which One Is Better?

eHarmony vs Match – Which One Is Better?

While testing eHarmony vs Match, the experts noted much resemblance that may hamper the newcomers. The differences are not noticeable, requiring in-depth research. This post will get you rid of going through their stuff and shed light on all the nuances and the slightest disparities.

It should be noted that both apps are well established, legit, and trustworthy. They are real, working for many years on the international dating scene. The platforms are remarkable for detailed personality quizzes, but eHarmony seems to avoid focusing on hookups. Why did this app earn a reputation as a relationship-oriented service despite thousands of those seeking casual dating only? Let’s dive into history.

It will be interesting to know that a Christian theologian and professional clinical psychologist founded eHarmony in 2000. Dr. Neil Clark Warren aimed to connect people for marriage. He wanted to build their acquaintance and further communication on matches. Nowadays, the platform features a multi-million community, mostly working in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. The website runs many business activities, growing over 100% year over year since 2019.

So, as you’ve already understood, eHarmony made its name with romanticism and rationalism at the same time. For example, it has filters like education, family planning, or income. In this way, the app managed to reach 14 million matches every day.

What can another app boast in the battle Match vs eHarmony? caters to the young users’ needs looking for no-strings-attached meetups. It appeared on the Web in 1995, positioning itself as the platform to find love and friendship. Despite the focus on casual dating, caters to people of different ages. Gary Kremen founded the company, hitting the market and the audience with his ambiguous statement that, “ will bring more love to the planet than anything since Jesus Christ.” No one knows whether it is so to date, but the company generates nearly $500 million in revenue. So, it’s time to clarify what is better, Match or eHarmony.

What Is the Difference between eHarmony and Match

When the key difference between eHarmony and Match became evident, it would be meta for users to learn more about tools designed to reach the desired partner. Both platforms offer a decent set of features to turn prosaic matchmaking into a romantic journey. Who does better in providing its members with impressive and efficient results? This is what eHarmony has on its webpages:

  • The users can send smiles to those they like. Their purpose is to break the ice and initiate conversation if you have no words to start. Smiles are pleasant and not intrusive. You can find the relevant icon inside every profile on the platform.
  • Automatically generated questions are another icebreaker on e-Harmony. They are cute, funny, romantic, and playful. Besides, they can inspire you to create unique messages in the genre.
  • The What If feature corresponds to adventurous people with a ove for experiments. Once you’ve paid several bucks to unlock this option, a few extra matches outside your profile and preferences will appear on your dashboard.
  • Video Date is an excellent feature designed for closer communication and security. It helps you understand that you deal with a real person. The option essentially reduces your chance to run into fake profiles.

Besides, the users can add other members to their lists of favorites. It’s many apps’ primary feature. That’s why there is no need to spread it around. Does eHarmony or Match offer more extras? It’s better to review’s opportunities before making conclusions:

  • Match Event is a fantastic feature. The company arranges romantic parties and invites online daters to meet each other in person.
  • The Discover option means a set of advanced filters, including the search based on keywords. It allows creating a detailed sketch of a desired partner and get a 100% precise match.
  • Match Phone provides the opportunity to make online calls through dedicated numbers generated by the system. The platform has its private line to ensure safe and discreet communication.
  • Video Date make your potential partner visible. This feature becomes available after four exchanged messages.
  • Real Talk is valuable support for those who don’t know what to talk about at the first step. The feature offers many topics and points to use and be inspired.
  • Boost means the opportunity to promote your account as a top match. Other members will see it in the Discover and Matches sections.

So, is Match or eHarmony pulling ahead? If you need more entertainment, Match com is an undisputable leader. If you are into a business-like approach, the eHarmony dating platforms will be a real catch.

Which One is Better for Men?

If you asked men what’s better, eHarmony or Match, what would they answer? Young guys and even older men with no intention of building long-lasting relationships will appreciate freedom and a wide range of cuties on The portal works for entertainment and romance without family planning. Male members have more chances to meet open-minded babes, milfs, BBWs, and other types there.

Those men looking for real love and marriage should opt for eHarmony. In-depth filters ensure accurate matches that are critical when it comes to soul mates rather than casual daters. e-Harmony works for mindful dating, attaching great importance to profession, values, lifestyles, etc.

Which One is Better for Women?

Is or eHarmony fit women more? There appears to be no single answer since the apps are not gender-focused. All their features and options are suitable for men and women. caters to the need of young ladies looking for relaxation, entertainment, romance, and even hookups. eHarmony does its job for those who lack time for offline acquaintances but still want to find a soul mate. In other words, the matter is in intentions rather than gender. The following information help clarify other nuances to understand the platforms’ relevance.

eHarmony vs Match – Target Audience

While thinking which is better, eHarmony or Match, let’s sort out their target audiences, starting with gender. has a 45%/50% female/male ratio, while eHarmony has 47% of women and 53% of men within its community. Hence, both apps are suitable for guys and girls, providing them with almost equal chances to find partners.

What about demographics? eHarmony and Match feature 29,000,000 and 4,000,000 members from USA, respectively. also generates traffic from Canada, the UK, Sweden, and Japan. eHarmony is also popular in Great Britain and Canada, but besides, it has many members in Australia and India.

Age range is meaningful on any dating app. In this case, the Match audience is much younger. The portal has 5% of female and 5% male users from 18 to 24, while eHarmony’s percentage is 4% of women and 3% men between 18 and 24. The rest of the stats looks as follows:

  • 25–34: 10% of females, 15% of males
  • 35–44: 13% of females, 12% of males
  • 45–54: 12% of females, 13% of males
  • 55+: 5% of females, 10% of males


  • 25–34: 17% of females, 20% of males
  • 35–44: 15% of females, 17% of males
  • 45–54: 7% of females, 11% of males
  • 55+: 4% of females, 2% of males

Ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and preferences are not meaningful for both portals. Is eHarmony better than Match for LGBT? Is Match more relevant than eHarmony for travelers? We can’t say. They are versatile and multi-functional platforms for all the categories to find a partner of any ethnicity, profession, etc. They cater to all who need love, attention, and hot sex. The only difference is that more people are serious about love and marriage.

Interface and Usability

The next check of eHarmony vs comes to the apps’ design.

The eHarmony site made some improvements since its foundation. They divided numerous questions into categories to allow people to decide which of them are essential. The company also optimized messages and a dashboard, making it modern and convenient. A bank of phrases that helps people initiate conversation became a significant improvement of user-experience appreciated by most old members and newcomers. For example, you can choose something like, “Do you prefer money, fame, respect or power?” to make your potential partner think and smile simultaneously.

Generally, the eHarmony’s design is minimalistic and apparent. It can hardly be called top-notch. Not that you cannot explore the site backward and forwards until registration and upgrading. Ads and banners are irritating, but they will disappear once you buy a subscription. comes with a 3-stage registration process full of functionality but not style points. Here is a small pitfall to consider: the platform doesn’t notify when a username is already taken. Besides, the app offers many questions that take time to answer. Of course, they are crucial, but it would be better to indicate how many questions are before the end. Still, Match is noteworthy for its straightforward checkbox interface opening extensive search options. The general impression of the Match’s design is flattering. Both desktop version and mobile app are neat and understandable through the website’s main menu and the app’s icons.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

Now, it’s time to compare Match vs eHarmony cost. eHarmony features a decent Basic Membership, meaning the opportunity for registered users to get and send Smiles, greetings, and icebreakers (5 automated messages). Moreover, they are entitled to respond to the first message. However, every later interaction requires buying a subscription:


  • 6 months – $9.98 per month ($59.90 totally)


  • 12 months – $2.99 per month ($35.90 totally)


  • 24 months – $1.08 per month ($25.90 totally)

Premium membership gives access to viewing multiple photos and those who add you to their favorites. You can also see the members that have already viewed your profile. Unlimited messages, anonymous browsing, and getting extra matches outside your profile are available.

Is Match’s offer more competitive in the Match vs eHarmony research? Let’s see. First, its free services include sending likes, browsing on member search, access to a matchmaking game, and other member’s profiles apart from usual free registration and profile creation. Paid options are following:


  • 3 months – $14.99 per month ($44.97 totally)
  • 6 months – $11.49 per month ($68.94 totally)
  • 12 months – $8.99 per month ($107.88 totally)


  • 3 months – $12. 99 per month ($38.97 totally)
  • 6 months – $9.99 per month ($59.94 totally)
  • 12 months – $7.99 per month ($95.88 totally)


  • 1 credit – $0.99
  • 5 credits – $4.00
  • 10 credits – $6.00

So, the cost of eHarmony vs Match is lower. At the same time, Match offers a more flexible system and allows choosing to pay or not to pay for your profile’s promotion. The difference between eHarmony’s subscriptions is in their duration only, while Match offers various sets of features for each plan.

Pros and Cons

While the battle Match versus eHarmony is nearing its logical conclusion, it’s time to sum up the facts. The pros and cons paragraph help you form final thoughts and make a choice never to regret.


It is one of the most credible dating websites on the Web. The registration process is a bit lengthy.
You can find many professionals and intelligent people on this platform. The portal lacks some funny options, games, or something like this.
The profiles are informative and educational, providing enough insights to understand whom you are dealing with here. You should be patient to get a date.
There is no need to work out how to close a match on eHarmony. Just enter your profile to click the menu and choose the “Delete Match” option.
It features convenient navigation without any “gourmet meal.”
Both a mobile app and a desktop website work flawlessly.
The service is suitable for local and international dating.


An extensive user base is active. Much entertainment may seem shallow for people focused on results rather than process.
The app has numerous search filters and tools. Free members cannot access privacy mode.
The company arranges Match Events for people that have already exhausted their online dating.
The support service is very responsive.
The platform continually implements new features, moving with the times.

Is Match or eHarmony better? Both platforms have many free options and a neat interface. They are reputable and legit platforms with history, development, and high success rates. Match is keeping score in terms of entertainment, while eHarmony wins in the category of prospective dating.


It’s rather tricky to decide which is better, or eHarmony. overtakes eHarmony when it comes to advanced filters and offline events. It makes everything to entertain users and presents dating as something terrific and pressure-free. However, eHarmony catches up, providing prospects for both long-lasting relationships and casual dating. It ensures high-quality matches to allow getting an unforgettable first date. In its turn, focuses on the dating process, trying to make it diverse, light, and funny. So, the conception is the only difference between these two apps. They are almost equal in quality, usability, and convenience.

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