to Reset Your Tinder Account to Get Quality Matches
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How to Reset Your Tinder Account to Get Quality Matches

How to Reset Your Tinder Account to Get Quality Matches

The main advantage of Tinder is the algorithm that offers very good quality profiles. Why would you want to reset Tinder then? Sometimes this algorithm goes out of hand and no longer considers you attractive. You can notice then that you see fewer great profiles or receive not as many likes as you used to have.

The Tinder algorithm is much more complex than it seems at first glance. However, knowing it will allow you to significantly increase your results on the application and thus enlarge your number of matches. That’s why today we’re giving you all the details on how Tinder works, how to become popular on the app again, and what shadow ban is on Tinder.

How to Reset Tinder?

There are a few details to keep in mind when resetting Tinder so that none of the information is preserved and you have a full restart.

  1. First, go to the app and then to the settings.
  2. Select “Delete account” there to delete your current profile.
  3. Uninstall the app.
  4. Then reinstall Tinder, and you will now be asked to create an account.
  5. Now, log in using your old mobile number, do not reset your account. Instead, Tinder will use your old profile. So, you will need a new mobile number so that you can reset Tinder account.

How to reset your Tinder? Unfortunately, even with a new Facebook account, you can’t work around the problem. Because even when registering via the social network, you will be asked to provide your mobile phone number. You will then be logged back into your old profile, so a new phone number is a must.

Tips and Alternatives

Without a new mobile number, you won’t be able to carry out a Tinder reset that easily. However, if you can’t change the number right now, there is an alternative: online providers generate mobile phone numbers. You can use this disposable number to activate your account. However, there may be problems when you log out of Tinder because you reset the password with the mobile number that you have given on the registration stage.

How to Delete or Temporarily Disable Your Tinder Account?

The dating app Tinder is a fantastic way for singles to make new contacts and meet other singles. However, in some cases, you need to reset Tinder matches or your account in general. So why do people start all over again? It may be due to the shadowban, their low Elo, or something that happened in their life, and they decide to create a new account. If you also want to start swiping as a new person, you can reset, delete, or disable your account. Here we explain how to do it.

How to Delete Your Account?

If you have subscribed to Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus, you may also have to cancel your subscription on Android or end your membership on iOS. We’ll tell you how this works in the linked instructions:

  1. First, open your profile on the main Tinder screen.
  2. Now tap on “Settings.”
  3. Now go to the very end of this page. There you will find the entry “Delete account.”
  4. Choose “delete account.”
  5. Below, you have to provide a reason for deleting your account. Choose the reason that suits you.
  6. Then Tinder asks you for feedback. Here, too, select the answer that suits you best and then click on “Send feedback and delete.”
  7. Tinder asks you again to delete your account. Select “Delete my account,” and you’re done.

How to Temporarily Disable Your Account?

  1. If you only want to deactivate Tinder temporarily, go to your profile.
  2. Now go to “Settings.”
  3. About in the middle of this menu, you turn off “Show me on Tinder.”
  4. You will then no longer be shown to other users of the app. However, you can no longer look through their profiles either.

If you delete the Tinder app, does it reset? No. Deleting the app doesn’t lead to either your account deactivation or deletion. You have to choose the option that suits you manually in the settings before you uninstall the app.

If you delete the app, Tinder will save all the information linked to your Facebook profile and mobile phone. However, your account will still be visible to others, which means you will receive matches and messages. After you do not enter the app for some time, the algorithm will stop showing your profile in the feed. However, after you log in back, you will see the latest activity with your account. Then, you can start swiping again, and the app will show you as a currently online user.

Uninstalling the app doesn’t reset your information. The only thing it does is lower your popularity. The app will treat you as an inactive user, and you will have to work a lot to get back to the past match results. You can reset Tinder swipes, in this case, to start all over again. You will need to do this if your values have changed and these people no longer attract you. Otherwise, the app will take them into account when offering matches to you. To undo the matches, you can either delete every match that you have manually or visit the profile settings and choose “unmatch all.”

How to Deactivate Tinder on Facebook?

If you use Tinder via your Facebook account, you should also deactivate the app there:

  1. To deactivate Tinder on Facebook, visit your Facebook profile.
  2. Next, click on the three bars above in your Facebook app.
  3. Now go to your settings.
  4. First, select the “Apps and websites” entry.
  5. Next, in the “Logged in with Facebook” category, select the “Edit” button.
  6. Now tick Tinder and choose “Remove.”

Another popular question is how to reset your Tinder swipes? Unfortunately, you cannot undo the swipes on all the people you have liked in one step. If you are a Tinder Gold or Tinder Premium user, you can undo your swipe just after it happened. If you swiped the user to the wrong side by chance, you could undo this one swipe immediately. This feature is paid.

How to reset Tinder swipes all at once? We have already explained how Tinder reset matches if you want to unmatch your profile from the people who have swiped you back. Unfortunately, there is no other way to know which people you have liked and get your likes back. The good part is that you can reset Tinder matches without deleting an account.

What Is a Tinder Shadowban?

The shadowban on Tinder means the platform isolates a user from the rest of the community. This step is to prevent them from engaging in practices that violate the Terms of Use. It is usually the case with a member who spams or tries to cheat with the policy, for instance, tries to know how Tinder reset swipes. And the principle of the shadowban is that the member who is the victim is not aware of it. The user does not receive any notification while becoming invisible to all other members.

Tinder Shadowban: Possible Reasons

To know if you are under a Tinder shadowban, you must know why this happens. The purpose of the shadowban is to prevent bad practices. So, it’s a form of censorship in a way:

  • The main reason that could explain the Tinder shadowban is carrying out a Tinder reset too often. Most of the time, people do this to change their age to avoid paying a higher price if they are over 30.
  • Also, if you swipe left too often, Tinder can suspend your feed for 12 hours. This step can have a negative effect on the algorithm. The best way to handle this is to swipe on both sides. However, you should only swipe right if you find a person attractive. That way, the algorithm will rank you higher and match you with profiles that meet some standards.
  • Another reason for your shadowban may be changing your geolocation too often, something you cannot do as a free user. Deleting your Tinder account and recreating one with the same number or email can therefore fall under the shadowban finally if you do it too regularly.

If you want to avoid the shadowban, there is a tip: create a single account and avoid Tinder reset. If you don’t have enough matches or dates, that’s okay with your account or anything else related to Tinder. It only comes from your profile, and you need to improve it.

How Do You Spot It?

The whole point of the Tinder shadowban is to ban a user and for this action to go unnoticed. You could very well get it and not know it. But if you use your account every day and pay attention, you notice. One way to understand that you are banned is not receiving matches. For instance, you swipe as usually, do not do a mass swiping, or do not swipe everyone to the left. But your number of matches is smaller than regular. This situation indicates that the people you have swiped no longer see you.

Another way to see whether Tinder shadowbans you is to notice small bugs in the algorithm. For instance, you see more people outside your location or above the age you have chosen in the settings. If you have recently changed anything about your bio or profile settings or carried out a Tinder reset, the algorithm may have thought you are trying to fool it. Consequently, it will show your profile to unsuitable people.

Getting Out of a Tinder Shadowban

If you think you’ve fallen under the evil shadowban of Tinder, there is no real way out. If you suspect the reason for your shadowban, then keep quiet. Otherwise, you can always try to contact Tinder Support to request a review. If you still don’t get matches after it, then your Tinder profile might be the problem. Try to learn how to how to reset matches on Tinder and change something about your account. Most often, uploading new photos will help. Another way here is to create a new account.

Have you just deactivated your Tinder account? Read about how the dating app works below. Maybe a few tips will make you luckier on the next try.

Increase Your Number of Matches by Being Attentive to the First Profiles

After you have learned how to reset Tinder, it is a great idea to implement new methods in dating. We will tell you about a few of them. But, first, there’s something addictive about liking on Tinder. Sometimes we log in to see the latest messages sent by our matches, and we suddenly want to like new profiles.

Why is that? There are two explanations:

  • Tinder presents us with attractive profiles, so we want to have this pretty girl in a match;
  • Tinder presents us with the profiles of our potential matches as a priority.

This second point is fundamental in the functioning of Tinder. Indeed, matching after a few likes encourages us to continue, whereas we would stop if nothing happened. Therefore, keeping this operating mode in mind is essential to increase the number of matches on the application.

You can increase your number of matches without having to learn how to reset Tinder account. You should be less selective on the first profiles presented to you by Tinder. If users have liked your profile in your absence, they will almost always be proposed in your first results. Liking the first profiles offered to you by Tinder will allow you to increase your number of matches.

Force Tinder to Showcase Your Profile First — Make It Attractive

This point is obvious: it is necessary to have an attractive profile to appeal to singles. A profile deemed unattractive for 99.99% of users can hope to meet a partner in everyday life. People who communicate in real life have more time and space to create a good impression. On Tinder, it takes ⅓ of the second to decide on your choice.

What is more, Tinder assigns you a score according to the attractiveness of your profile. Tinder presents attractive profiles at very high frequencies. Of course, among other things, a large number of users are always present on the application. Yet, not only attractive people are always online. Tinder, therefore, favors in a way those profiles deemed “attractive.” The app uses the Elo rating to present attractive profiles as a priority.

How to reset Tinder Elo? This question is complicated since Tinder developers keep the Elo algorithm secret, and you have no way to know your score. Some people believe that Elo mainly depends on your photos and how conventionally attractive you are in general. Others explain that the concept of “beauty” differs for all. Thus, what one person finds attractive makes another one swipe to the left.

What is true about Elo is that it analyzes how other people see you. If your account is constantly shown to its close target audience, these people will swipe you right. As a result, Elo will think that you are pretty. For instance, if you are a guy with a beard, your account will be liked by people who enjoy facial hair. Their swipes will raise your popularity.

If you wonder how to reset Tinder Elo, the only way to do this is to delete your account and create a new one. Then, the algorithm will calculate your attractiveness all over again. Fill in the “About me” section in a proper way this time. Many people don’t bother to write anything in this section but don’t make this mistake. Tinder profiles with a full bio get more matches than profiles without it, so why not stack the odds in your favor as much as possible?

You can muster a surprising amount of creativity in a 500-character profile. Showing your true self and explaining what you are looking for will build attraction and confidence. To achieve maximum attraction points, your Tinder bio should meet these three criteria:

  • Attract attention;
  • Evoke an emotional response, such as a smile or a laugh;
  • Make a good impression by highlighting a few attractive traits.

The importance of having a great profile on Tinder or any online dating site cannot be overestimated. So, take the necessary time to select the photos and write a proper bio instead of wondering how to reset Tinder account.

Select the Profiles Carefully

Despite the multitude of profiles, we are often confronted with the harsh reality of display order. It will help if you do not use the default strategy, liking every profile in the suggestions. Remember the previous paragraph: potential matches are presented first. Thus, for mutual attractiveness, you may choose from them, liking a limited number of profiles.

However, an overly selective user will not appear as a top profile for the application unless they are extremely attractive. Also, remember that it takes, on average, dozens of likes to get a match (for a man). Therefore, being overly selective will decrease your chances of success.

How to reset the Tinder account and make it a success? After you create a new account, define your search criteria. Tinder’s search is limited to maximum distance, gender, and age range, all of which can be adjusted in “Discovery settings.” You also have the option to hide your profile if you do not want to be visible to other people. Take the time to look at the profiles and select the ones you like. Besides, pay attention to the next tips:

  • don’t put an age too far from yours: the probability of matching a 25-year-old girl to a man of 50 years is very low;
  • do not change the distance for the default search to 80 km. Few users do. Privilege the movement via the functionality of Tinder Plus or by using Fake GPS (free).

Use the Application Actively

Many people arrive on Tinder daily, but many also leave the application “gradually” while still having their account active. As a result, you can sometimes meet profiles whose owners were online two months ago. However, this is relatively rare because Tinder does not prioritize these profiles and favors recent activities. This approach keeps a profile base relatively up to date and increases the quality of the application. If you hope to turn back to such an account and be popular, you should better carry out a Tinder reset instead.

Here are more details that Tinder uses in its algorithm:

  • the number of interactions with matches: the more you chat and interact with your matches, the more Tinder will promote your profile;
  • Facebook profile activity, number of friends: the more dynamic and attractive your Facebook profile is, the more privileged you will be;
  • the quality of the profiles you find attractive: when you match with a high-quality profile, your profile receives a bonus, which significantly increases your number of matches.

When you’ve decided to get on the app, log in regularly to see if you have any matches and get some likes. You shouldn’t like people to match but initiate interactions and create affinity. The more you chat with users who like you back, the more popularity you will gain.

Keep a “New” Profile to Play Tinder Operation

To encourage newcomers to stay on the app, Tinder favors new profiles. Likewise, when you move to a new location, your profile is again strongly featured. In both of these cases, Tinder brings up new profiles to users constantly.

Do you swipe too many people to the left, hoping to find your one and only? Tinder doesn’t approve of such an approach. If you are too picky and always swipe people to dislike, Tinder will lower your internal ranking (Elo score). What is more, Tinder’s system takes into account your action pattern. If you swipe everyone to the right, the algorithm will qualify you either as a bot or a person without any principles.

One way or another, you have to act like a real human. Stop, pause, think, assess whether you like the person, read their bio, and only then make a decision. Don’t you want to have quality matches? Then you have to please Tinder’s algorithm. Show that you have your standards, needs, and real interest in other people. Do not swipe everyone to the right thinking that this step will make you popular. Otherwise, the app will just stop showing your account to others, and you will need a Tinder reset.

Since Facebook limits multi-accounts, please delete your Tinder account to recreate it to look new. Take this opportunity to refresh your photos. Before you do that, think about finding another way of communicating with your most interesting matches. This approach will work best, and you will get a new chance to become popular on the app.


Now that you know the main rules of the Tinder work process, you can maximize your chances by following a few simple tips. Remember:

  • make your profile as attractive as possible;
  • be selective so that your profile is presented primarily to the people of your choice;
  • be active on the application when you decide to use it;
  • do not refresh your profile by changing location too often, or you can get shadowbanned;
  • please pay particular attention to the profiles presented first and be less selective on them.

As you can see, trying to fool the Tinder policies is not always worth it. In some cases, the only way out of a shadowban is deleting your account. Our research has shown that if you delete your account and create a new one, even using the same number and Facebook, this action might be more effective than a Tinder reset.

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