Hinge Answers That Work: Boost the Match Rate Now
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Best Hinge Answers That Work: Boost the Match Rate Now

Best Hinge Answers That Work: Boost the Match Rate Now

Most people think that appealing photos are responsible for their popularity on dating sites. Although it’s true in most cases, the best Hinge prompt answers prove that they are also meaningful. In this way, what you post and write has an equally great impact on your success. As matches are the main treasure on Hinge, the latter provides powerful tools to boost their quality and quantity.

The best Hinge answers encourage other users to like you and ignore the “X” button when they see your profile photo. Don’t you understand what it is all about? Keep reading to learn about the list of Hinge questions and the best possible answers.

What Is Hinge, and Why Do You Need the Best Hinge Answers?

Hinge is a mobile dating app compatible with iOS and Android devices. It entices people to meet online and develop their relationships, going beyond hookups. By default, the app is a location-based platform, but the shortest distance to your potential soul mate is 10 miles. Note that Hinge updates automatically when your change your area.

The app’s algorithm works to connect people through mutual Hinge friends that can guarantee your identity. The approach seems wise and helps users avoid scammers and feel safe and comfortable. They don’t feel like they meet strangers. Indeed, if one of your friends vouched for your potential partner, increasing trust is quite natural.

Why does Hinge offer questions? The point is that this dating app is very similar to swipe-based Tinder. Hence, the company has developed creative questions to make Hinge competitive and different from other apps. Besides, Hinge limits the number of daily matches. This feature is crucial to prevent meaningless swiping and teach daters to appreciate the opportunity to meet a new person online.

Besides, Hinge is closely connected with Facebook, matching you with potential partners you share FB friends with. One way or another, Hinge doesn’t go outside your Facebook network when searching for matches if you tied the app with your FB account. However, the recent updates made it possible to register through a phone number and restrict Hinge from accessing your Facebook page.

How Does the Hinge Dating App Work?

Hinge offers a prospective commitment to lonely men and women who are looking for love and marriage. The app claims that it is available to download “to be deleted.” Such an unusual tagline means that Hinge guarantees a perfect match that will make your further membership on the app unnecessary. So how does it work to put claims into practice?

Hinge delivers matches randomly. The app doesn’t make suggestions on matchmaking algorithms, search filters, and other features typical for most dating websites. So, let’s see how it works:

  • Hinge sends a match.
  • The user looks at the photo and chooses the “heart” icon to like it or “x” to swipe away.
  • If you choose “X,” Hinge will disclose the next recommendation.
  • Once you’ve liked a photo, Hinge creates a real match.
  • In this case, you unlock messaging.

Note that it’s possible to text each other, but Hinge has no option to send and get photos while chatting.

What Are Hinge Questions and the Best Hinge Answers Funny and Engaging?

Hinge’s profiles are well organized, dividing your personal information into three categories:

  • Virtues: work, political views, school.
  • Vitals: height, number of children, and residence.
  • Vices: bad habits like drinking, smoking, and drugs.

In addition, Hinge presents the information significant for relationships, meaning employer, school, grad college, etc. Once you’ve completed your profile card, here is where it gets interesting.

Hinge Questions: Boost Your Profile

Hinge offers you to answer its creative questions. Although they seem entertaining, they have a strong ice-breaking effect. For example, “What’s your greatest power?” or “What’s the weirdest present you’ve ever got?” are typical Hinge questions. Your answers will make your profile more attractive and interesting for others. Hinge questions are not obligatory, but they are crucial to get accurate matches and contact relevant people who correspond to your requirements.

Hinge Prompts: Cheer up Your Public

Besides, Hinge offers to select prompts (frequently called questions) from the drop-down menu to make it easier to send you an initial message. Besides, you can use prompts to make captions for posted photos, using them as snippets. Thus, you can describe your picture with humor or a bit of irony. For example, such prompt as “Don’t judge me” matches provocative photos. In its turn, the “Me in the wild” prompt is great for pictures of your picnics or hikes.

The wittier prompts you add, the more comments and likes your photo will get. Yet, Hinge allows liking no more than 10 profiles a day. Once someone liked or commented on your photo, you can enter the Likes You section and match this person to initiate messaging. If your admirer is not your type, move on and look through photos of other potential partners.

How Do Hinge Video Prompts Work?

The Hinge app has a video chat followed by its video prompts. The first in-app video call might be similar to the first date: awkward and full of embarrassment. The dating app offers 8 conversation topics with 5 video prompts for each of them to help people keep their dialogs smooth. These prompts appear real-time, right during your video conference, and the relevant icon is visible for both sides. You should tap this icon to choose the topic.

What Are Standouts Feeds on Hinge?

The Hinge app invites you to Standouts Feed to see other users’ prompts. By tapping the “heart” icon at the bottom of the screen, you can reach out to nearly 10 prompts from users who are in tune with your interests, views, and lifestyles. First, the Hinge system finds relevant prompts according to your activity in the Discover section, where you contact people with similar interests. Then, hinge considers your interaction and starts looking for a lookalike audience to send you their prompts, visible in the Standouts section.

Best Answers to Hinge Questions

The Hinge app offers an impressive list of questions that help introduce yourself in an authentic way. They add uniqueness and depth to your personality, generating more exciting conversations for you. Still, not all prompts are equally efficient. Of course, many of them are lucky strikes, but some are real failures. That’s why you will find the best Hinge prompt answers Reddit, and various ratings on other third-party resources and social platforms recommend. According to the stats, the top Hinge questions looks as follows:

  • I know the best spot in town for…
  • Believe it or not, I…
  • My simple pleasures
  • I geek out on…
  • This year, I really want to
  • Typical Sunday
  • I’m a regular at
  • Best travel story
  • Two truths & a lie

Still, the rate is a sort of generalization. Hinge prompts are not versatile but fit specific occasions, events, emotions, etc. Therefore, the users should carefully choose appropriate questions to reconcile them with photos and unlock a cheat code to other users’ hearts. That’s why it’s crucial to think about what you want to trigger before choosing a particular prompt. Feel challenging? Don’t worry, and consider the hints below.

  1. Top 5 answers to raise positive emotions. Dating me is like…
  • Finding an extra marshmallow in your cacao.
  • When you find out the movie you’ve been ignoring for the last several days is fire.
  • Returning home at the end of the hard day and knowing that leftover pizza is waiting for you.
  • Waking up and figuring out there’s a couple of hours more to sleep before your alarm rings.
  • Eating chocolate and finding hazelnuts instead of peanuts in its stuffing.
  1. Top 3 questions to show your intentions. I need someone who…
  • Doesn’t kick me in the ass if I read paper books instead of audio records.
  • Can get in line at Black Flamingo and take the best spot when they are already inside.
  • Looks at me the same way I look at my favorite oysters.
  1. Top 10 thoughts that have visited you in the shower lately.
  • Why wouldn’t I write a comic book?
  • When cats scratch your heart, it’s for a reason. They bury other people’s droppings.
  • All people tell about the beauty of the mind but still look at your butt.
  • Wisdom doesn’t always follow age. The latter often comes alone.
  • Maybe there’s an epic star fight going on right now.
  • Do the twins think one of them wasn’t planned?
  • Some animals probably need glasses, but nobody knows.
  • A hundred years ago, everybody had horses, and rich people had cars. Today, everybody has cars, and only rich people have horses.
  • Someday in the future, history books will have a chapter on memes.
  • The very first teacher had no education.
  1. Top 7 irrational fears to disclose to look a bit vulnerable and make people smile.
  • Cannot find my mobile phone.
  • Teens in line in the supermarket.
  • All fears in the world.
  • Find other people on the desert island.
  • Things will remain the same tomorrow.
  • Never go beyond my own current expectations.
  • Not to see snow in the winter.
  1. Top 5 desires on the bucket list.
  • Go to space with Elon Musk.
  • Make friends with Santa Claus.
  • Travel around the world in 80 days.
  • Kiss the dragon and kill the beauty.
  • Spread happiness, and let no one go bereft.

Actually, the list might be endless, with the constant devising of the best Hinge answers Reddit and even Hinge users invent. Dozens of other Hinge prompt answers cover various topics and shake your heartstrings. For example, you can invent touchable and enticing prompts about your biggest date fail or the best or worst ideas. Of course, most weird purchases, crazy things you’ve done recently, etc., will do the job, either.

Best Hinge Answers for Male Users

The same conversation starters may work differently for male and female audiences. The best Hinge answers for guys will help you find beautiful and intelligent women at any age. Whether you need hookups, romance, or a life partner, consider the following prompts to use:

  • Use entertaining question-game icebreakers like “Which animal would you choose to be on Mondays?” This text is fun to read because Monday is a hard day for many women, and they often get angry or become irritable.
  • Put personal prompts first, asking somewhat like “What is your pain reliever: whiskey, a pet, or dancing?”
  • Don’t forget to pick a subject relevant to her interests specified on her profile. For instance, “Change your mood: listening to hip-hop, metal, or eating a cheeseburger.”
  • Use playful questions, playing games like “two truths and a lie.” Don’t ask her to spill the beans but offer your truths and a lie and let her guess.

Note that men should draw straws because they have the majority on Hinge. So, forget about boring phrases and drag 100% of your creativity outside from your brains.

Best Hinge Answers for Women

What are the best Hinge answers for girls? Actually, women should stick to the same principles as guys, unleashing their creativity in all its glory. Humor is a must since it helps make prompts unobtrusive and suitable for making the first move. So, female daters should use the following questions to write the best answers:

  • My most embarrassing song on Spotify is… In this case, don’t be afraid of disclosing your real tastes.
  • I’ll know I found the one when… Possible answers are lyrical, romantic, but still funny. For example, you can write something like, “I’ll know I found the one when we feel kings in both tent and palace.”
  • A girl may offer to debate a topic, choosing modern techs, latest events, news, human achievements, new releases, etc. In this case, it’s better to escape wars, politics, climate changes, and other problematic and controversial aspects of human existence.
  • While writing about a man of her dreams, a woman should not list her demands. Still, use metaphors, exaggerations, humor, and male celebrities’ names to make the prompt easy to understand and accept. “I want someone who can watch soap operas with me without laughing at me.”

Generally, women’s answers work excellent when they show their femininity, creativity, intelligence, and powerful backbones.

Best Answers to Hinge Questions: Do They Really Work?

The best answers to Hinge questions really work if you apply a smart approach. While many prompts can do miracles, others may ruin your image. For instance, the “I’ll fall for you if…” or “All I ask is that you…” questions are very risky as they may show your easiness and low standards. Your answer should be an explosion of humor if you want to make this prompt work.

Then, it’s better to avoid asking for tips. Hinge is created to spark love rather than make people act as guides, coaches, or consultants. You shouldn’t make demands either by writing something like “I’ll be witty if you start the dialog.” Such phrases usually come out from lazy and smug daters. Besides, how can you impose conditions for dating or communication when you have never said a word with your match yet?

What else to consider? Yeah, try to escape complaints about life and different boring trifles. Most people want to meet positive partners to add light and spices to their private lives. Moral or psychological support is valid for couples in love or spouses. While finding partners, try to show that you really need someone special. Otherwise, Hinge users think that you are not really interested in feelings.

In addition, you should hold off on displaying your categorical nature. Hence, try to avoid listing characters who are non-negotiable for you. Finally, note that your taboos, knowledge gaps, any types of restrictions, and limitations in your answers will lead to loneliness and frustration on Hinge.

Now, which tricks are the most powerful?

  • Make your best Hinge answers funny, light, and unobtrusive.
  • Don’t hurt other people’s feelings, views, values, sexual identities, ethnicities, etc.
  • Be sensitive to modern trends.
  • Target your audience, meaning people you’d like to meet in real life. Don’t try to impress and please everyone.
  • Leave comments instead of just tapping the “thumb up” icon, even if you have insecurities in your texting skills.

Replacing your prompts with new answers is a good idea. Keep your content always updated and fresh. For this purpose, enter the Settings section and tap the pencil icon to edit your current prompts. Use a simple drag-and-drop movement to reorder your answers. Select fragments to edit them or delete the entire phrase to replace it with a new one.

And last but not least. Do you want to gain a roaring success on Hinge? Then, never copy presented prompts but work out personal answers. In this case, they will become the window to the soul, attracting other daters with their sincerity.

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