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Tinder vs Tinder Plus — Which One Is Better?

Tinder vs Tinder Plus — Which One Is Better?

If you wonder which dating app would be the best for you to meet a soulmate, you are on the right blog! If we talk about trending websites that have successfully made couples, we all think of Tinder. There is always a debate on Tinder vs Tinder Plus as to which would be a better choice.

Tinder platform is undoubtedly one of the best platforms that can get you to result in minimum time. Since it was launched in 2012, it has been popular and continues to grow with its vast database. There have been many dating websites, but none of them was as good as Tinder.

Since you are already here, you probably have not used it yet. You need to know if it is worth your time and also if it is a dating or hookup app. You must be having questions like if you are too old for Tinder, should you go with the free version or upgrade it to Tinder Plus. Will it be useful to give you a long-term relationship? Keep reading the blog to find out all the answers regarding Tinder vs Tinder Plus!

You can read every reason here for why you should be on Tinder or Tinder Plus. By the end of the article, you will be able to make a sound decision on which one is right for you!

While wondering if Tinder Plus is worth your time, it all comes down to the pricing. Taking a subscription is never easy, and you must look at the benefits you will get after paying. Tinder Plus unlocks several features that upgrade the dating app to an exclusive one. It increases the chances of making your perfect match with the highest response rate. Let’s get started with what will be better for you, either Tinder Plus vs the free version.

What Is the Difference Between Tinder and Tinder Plus

The reason why Tinder is becoming more and more popular every day is because of its features. On top of that, it has got a set of services in the form of Tinder gold, Tinder Plus, etc. These exclusive features can help users get the most out of the app and results in no time.

When you sign up on Tinder, you register yourself for the free account (Basic account). In the free version, users get 80+ swipes that can be done again after 12 hours. Also, for every 24 hours, you will get one super like. These basic features are available for every user, all for free. You do not need to take a subscription to get the benefits of these features.

However, if you upgrade your account to Tinder Plus, you can get some additional features like-

  • Five super likes per day
  • Monthly one Tinder boost
  • Being able to change location to a random country; also known as Tinder passport
  • Unlimited right swipes without restrictions
  • Rewind feature — to undo an accidental left swipe
  • Profile privacy — to make your profile visible to certain people whom you swiped right
  • Get an exclusive option to hide your location and age

Which One Is Better for Men?

We already know the features of the free Tinder. Sadly, men find it troublesome and receive much less recognition than women in the free version.

Tinder is not very profitable for men because usually, women get much more attention. All the men on site know that if a girl matches with you, she might not even respond to you most of the time. That’s the reality behind online dating sites for men. There can be several reasons why women are not responding to messages. However, a simple fact is it is hard for men to stand out significantly on a free dating website.

Many handsome men can catch a date easily in their local area in real life. It’s also much easier to get a girl online when you look good. Would that make you assume that good looks for boys can only determine success? Well, that’s not true.

Most of the time, boys don’t get texted back because the women’s inbox is already filled with several texts. That’s the difference between the free version and the subscription. When it comes to paid services, men get several opportunities to impress women in many ways. So here in the fight of Tinder free vs Tinder Plus, men should go with the Plus!

1. Unlimited Swiping

Men get the benefit of unlimited swiping in Tinder Plus, where they can sit on the couch and swipe all day long while watching TV. Just when you are in the mood of matching with someone, and you are out of daily swipes, wouldn’t it be disappointing? With the Plus version, you spare yourself some frustration.

While trying to meet someone, you must have all the possibilities you can, and men can get it through Tinder Plus. Swiping all day long will make sure at least 20% of women you have liked will text back.

Unlimited swiping both left and right will never put you at risk of losing a potential match.

2. Rewinding the Last Swipe

It’s always a horrible moment to swipe left on the perfect match accidentally. Everyone must think of how to undo it and get the swipe right! This is where many men lose their chance because they are multitasking and accidentally swipe all the time.

What can you possibly do to undo it? You can save yourself from trouble if you get Tinder Plus. You can quickly undo your last swipe by rewinding it in no time.

3. Tinder Passport

Tinder passport is another excellent option that men can use for the benefit of changing their location. If you have an urgent task of moving to another place and want to find some matches there, you could be in luck if you use Tinder Plus.

You can change your location anytime using a Tinder passport and swipe profiles all over the globe.

4. Unlimited Likes

If you are looking for a perfect partner, you should always have your bag filled! If you can end up with swipes, you can also end up with likes.

Men on Tinder Plus can give unlimited likes as much as they want. They can also check out the users who saw their profiles.

Men can have an advantage here on Tinder Plus as they can check out who admire them and approach the profiles directly. It is much better than just waiting for a text back.

5. Five Super Likes each Day

Men can get unlimited likes and use five super likes each day which is so much better than just one.

According to the dating algorithm, super likes can make the conversations longer by 70%. There’s three times more chance of you matching with someone who you liked.

6. One Boost Each Month

Tinder boost is undoubtedly the best feature of the whole deal. It boosts your profile and makes it stay up there for 30 minutes in competition to other local profiles. You can always go for buying one boost vs Tinder Plus rather than upgrading the account.

That means your profile is visible to tons of people, which increases your chance of matching with anyone instantly.

The only thing you need is to create a complete and attractive profile that can lure people when they see it on top.

7. No Ads

Tinder Plus provides absolutely no ads. It’s another great feature men can use to have unlimited swiping without destruction.

Which One Is Better for Women?

It’s always more comfortable for women to get what they want on online sites, and Tinder Plus vs Tinder Plus comparison shows the same. If it’s about the free version, women can get all they want. Women do not always require exclusive features to find a perfect match. A subscription won’t be that necessary. Every girl is bombarded with messages in the inbox all the time. Without even trying, they get thousands of opportunities to choose among men.

A subscription to Tinder Plus will only enhance some features for women that can give them better opportunities of reaching out to men. But as a matter of fact, girls do not need that opportunity. They are the choosers. So as long as it is considered for women, free Tinder would be perfect.

Tinder vs Tinder Plus — Target Audience

Talking about the target audience, it’s most popular in the USA. Around 28,000,000 members come from the USA and perform good activity throughout the week. There are almost 8,000,000 members active each week. Thirty-seven percent of the site’s population are females, and 63 are males — so women obviously have a better choice.

Tinder Plus contains a much smaller part of the whole Tinder user base as not every user is so much in dating to pay for quick success. Many people start with the free version, and if they feel unsatisfied, they can subscribe to Tinder Plus.

The paid service targets people with serious intentions, while the free one gives every curious user a look around.

Interface and Usability

Tinder is probably among the most straightforward dating websites to use. The registration process is quick too! You can become a member in just a minute. To make surfing around the platform more comfortable, the developers have created an app and a website for mobile users.

The red-orange color theme of the site is attractive and makes it look like a perfect dating platform. You can quickly scroll up and down the site and find an option in no time. Whether we talk about Tinder Plus Vs Tinder free, it’s the same for both.

When it’s about profile creation, you get multiple options to make it attractive. If you feel your gender preference is not available, you can click on ‘more’ and type your choice. Also, you can rearrange or delete pictures from your profile anytime.

Tinder comes with a smart photo feature that allows you to post three photos, and then it will select the best out of it.

You can add more personal information in the bio to make yourself more presentable to other users. The profile layout is well designed and attractive. You can add music to the photos and make them even more engaging.

Another way of letting people know more about you is by connecting your Instagram account to your Tinder account. Also, you can do the same with Snapchat, which showcases your cute pictures and personality.

You can also connect Tinder with Spotify. It lets people know all about your music taste and what kind of songs you love.

The interface and usability are the same for Tinder as well as Tinder Plus. Just the subscription will provide a separate section of exclusive features absent in the free account.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

If we talk about free Tinder, you don’t need to pay money. When it comes to the Plus account, you will need to upgrade your account by paying the subscription amount.

Here is the subscription plan for Tinder Plus users aged under 28:

One Month 9.99 USD/Month 9.99 USD
6 Months 5.83 USD/Month 34.99 USD
12 Months 4.58 USD/Month 54.99 USD

For those who are over 28:

One Month 19.99 USD/Month 19.99 USD
6 Months 10.00 USD/Month 60.00 USD
12 Months 6.67 USD/Month 80.00 USD

And here is a list of features you will get in the premium account:

  • The ability to see the list of people who liked you
  • Choose among top picks
  • Unlimited swipes both left and right
  • Swipe rewinding feature
  • Instant matches
  • Find people from all over the world
  • Be on top in your category

Pros and cons

Here are some benefits and drawbacks of both services:


Pros Cons
Time-saving compared to traditional dating sites. It’s hard to stand out from the rest.
Easy to use. Limited swipes.
Rather functional and free of cost.

Tinder Plus

Pros Cons
Thousands of people can see your profile with a boost. Waste of money if you don’t change your location or travel enough.
Waste of money if you don’t change your location or travel enough. It doesn’t guarantee quick matches.
The ability to put restrictions on who sees your profile.

And the Winner Is?…

In this debate of Tinder free vs Plus, people can have different conclusions. People who want limited services and don’t have many expectations can opt for Tinder. But those who want better results in less time and do not want to compromise on anything should try upgrading. Tinder Plus will indeed get the most out of a dating site without any restrictions. Also, another thing you can do is buying one boost vs Tinder Plus.

The best advice would be to start with the free version and then go for the premium one if you find it useful. So, for beginners and those inexperienced ones, Tinder wins!

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