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Hinge vs Bumble – Which One Is Better

Hinge vs Bumble – Which One Is Better

The online dating platform has become more popular at the moment. The online dating platform has brought a new way to meet new people nearby, even worldwide. Many people use it to flirt, build relationships, and others. .If you are looking for the right platform to reach your purpose, you must look for the trusted ones.

Bumble vs Hinge are some of the best online dating platforms to look for a partner. Hinge is considered as an app that requests more information from users before you can even begin.

The app runs on the same general framework as other applications, enabling users to either ‘like’ or ‘unlike’ anyone. The profile is a combination of images, simple facts, and an icebreaker question.

The questions range from “You shouldn’t date me if…” to “Coffee or tea?” which encourage users to converse. Since the app does not use a matching mechanism, it will notify you when anyone likes your profile. So, there are more chances for contact and openness between users.

The former Tinder team created Bumble. It is considered a revolutionary online dating platform. It can be said that Bumble is a “woman-friendly” online dating app. When the user finds a match, women must initiate to communicate first. The woman or non-binary individual has 24 hours to contact a partner until it is removed. The app also has a “swipe” feature to like or hate a profile depending on their images and personal biographies.

The members of Bumble are gaining millions of users in the first three years. It may bring one of the most successful online dating platforms in history. Each day, new members are coming and ready to sign up.

While Hinge, although it has been launched before, doesn’t have a massive number of members. The platform focuses on member quality than quantity. Fewer members may be an excellent choice to know more deeply about each profile.

Bumble and Hinge are open to any gender; most Hinge members are looking for a serious relationship. Otherwise, at Bumble, many members want to flirt, casual relationships, and hookup. If you are looking for the better ones, it depends on what kind of partner you are looking for.

What Is the Difference between Hinge vs Bumble

Hinge is both addictive and underrated straight away. Hinge, which describes itself as “The Friendship App,” links you with people with whom you share Facebook friends.

Setting up a Hinge account is time-consuming. Before you can build an account, you must first complete a series of procedures. The most significant difference in terms of account creation between Bumble vs Hinge is that Hinge will request you to fill-in prompts to share more detail about yourself. Hinge expects you to fill a minimum of 3 prompts and upload six images from your social media or gallery.

Bumble account creation is more generic and less time-consuming. You are allowed to connect to your Instagram account that will show 24 of your recent photos. You also need to set up basic filters such as age, distance, gender, plus two premium filters.

Aside from account creation differences, the way of matching is pretty different. The Bumble method is similar to Tinder, by swiping left or right. Hinge encourages the user to interact with each other’s profile by liking and commenting. They also provide suggestions of possible matches based on filters and interest that are calculated through specific algorithms.

Bumble restriction only allows a female user to start the conversation. They are given 24 hours to do the initial contact, and the male has another 24 hours to respond. If one of them misses the 24-hour window, the match will be removed.

The free account for Hinge vs Bumble is almost similar for the basic feature. You could use both for creating a profile, matching, and messaging without spending a penny. However, Hinge and Bumble have offered a premium account with the upgraded feature.

Hinge preferred, the premium version of Hinge, has included features such as:

  • Access to Hinge experts
  • Access to see who “liked” you in one view
  • Unlock advanced preferences
  • Get unlimited likes

Bumble has two types of premium membership: Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium. The features are as follows:

  • Unlimited Swipes
  • Extended time on matches
  • Get 5 SuperSwipes every week.
  • Unlock Advance Filters
  • Rematch with a user that has expired
  • Access to see your admirers who swipe right

Which One Is Better for Men?

All gender uses Bumble or Hinge. But Bumble is better than Hinge for men looking for a casual hookup, a future date, friendship, or an LTR (long-term relationship). It’s essentially the first destination for people who are new to the dating scene. When it comes to online dating, you ought to swipe where everyone else is swiping if you want to beat the odds.

On the plus side, the profiles are short, helping you to make fast choices. The drawback is that a brief dating profile makes it impossible to decide what certain people are looking for. When you don’t know anything about others, it can be daunting to start up a conversation.

You may have a mate who met his partner on Bumble. You can find anything from model-quality models to cute “girl-next-door” styles here.

Which One Is Better for Women?

Bumble vs Hinge has a massive database of users. But for, women who want a serious relationship might prefer to use Hinge. The Hinge was developed to make user accounts more entertaining (and useful) than those seen on Bumble apps. You have the option of showing a wealth of valuable knowledge that may be deal-breakers, such as your political views, sexuality, level of alcohol intake, and even the intention to have children in the future. Hinge’s prompts make it easy to create more fun profiles. Hinge’s new motto is “made to be removed,” but if you’re looking for a possible meaningful relationship match, this is the dating app to use.

Hinge vs Bumble – Target Audience

Hinge’s tagline, “Designed To Be Deleted,” makes it obvious what the company’s goal is: to bring you into a meaningful relationship.

Its most extensive user base is millennials, making it the best dating platform for those in their twenties and thirties searching for a long-term relationship. The singles you’ll find on Hinge are more competitive and insightful due to their more “serious” nature.

Bumble, on the other hand, has larger user bases. It is best for confident women who are brave to make the first move. The platform has a diverse audience that consists of 18 to 30 years males and females.

Interface and Usability

Hinge vs Bumble has different interfaces and usability that should be considered as it will affect the overall user experience. Here are few differences:


  • Offer privacy options that restrict public viewing.
  • Search filters available, which are useful to look at something specific.
  • Detailed profile information requirement that is beneficial to find possible matches.
  • Present mutual Facebook friends, which let you and other users know that both have communal friends. It helps you find people in your circle or even set boundaries with the people connected with you.
  • No advertisement will distract you. It is more beautiful looking, clean to use, and makes the content more appealing.
  • It is considered a social network that includes commenting and tagging. You can share the content quickly and engage with society.
  • Avoid scammers and fake profiles since Hinge requires you to log in with a social network for identity verification. The profiles need to have a good number of friends and be active for one year.


  • Provide swiping selection either left to pass or right to like.
  • Higher rating on App Store.
  • Offer behavioral matchmaking features that monitor the behavior of thousands of users to track common patterns.
  • Send notification when receiving a message from another user.
  • The “two-way opt-in” method prevents strangers from sending unwanted messages, because you need to accept contacts before starting exchanging messages.
  • The profile section is displaying age information.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

Hinge vs Bumble offers free and premium membership. For a free user, both platforms give limited features, while premium membership can unlock all features.

In Hinge, premium membership is called Hinge Preferred, which has only one plan subscription. In Bumble, you can choose between two plan subscriptions which are called Bumble Premium and Bumble Boost.

The following are membership plan for Bumble vs Hinge are listed below:

Hinge Preferred Member:

  • Setting advanced preferences
  • See everyone who likes you in one place
  • Get unlimited likes
Hinge Preferred Member
1 Month USD 9.99/Month
3 Month USD 6.99/Month
6 Month USD 4.99/Month

Bumble Premium Features & Cost:

  • See people who liked your profile
  • Incognito mode that makes you visible to people you swipe right
  • Travel feature to match people who live in a different location
  • Unlock all the advanced filters
  • Access the feature from Bumble Boost
Bumble Premium
1 Month USD 32.99/Months
3 Month USD 66.99/3 Months
Lifetime USD 199.99/Month

Bumble Boost Features & Cost:

  • Reconnect with past matches for additional 24 hours
  • Get an extension 24-hour match window
  • Undo the last swipe
  • Unlimited swiping
  • Get 1 Spotlight per week to show your profile to more users
  • 5 SupeSwipes per week
Bumble Boost
1 Month USD 32.99/Months
3 Month USD 66.99/3 Months
Lifetime USD 199.99/Month

If you wish to join as a premium member on Hinge vs Bumble platforms, you can choose the following payment available. Hinge provides credit card, web, and mobile phone transactions via PayPal. Hinge offers credit card and mobile phone transactions only.

Hinge premium membership offers unlimited profile views and likes. Therefore, you can view the suitable ones accurately.

While Hinge has two subscription plans, Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium, Bumble Boost will allow you to have unlimited swiping, swipe rewind, visibility boost for 30 min once a week, and five super likes each week.

As Bumble Premium, you can use all Bumble Boost features plus additional features. You can swipe in any location and unlock all the advanced filters. The top picks are also always available for the gold member. So, for Bumble vs Hinge pricing, Hinge is more affordable and has a complete trial version.

Pros and Cons

Bumble vs Hinge have both advantages and disadvantages listed below:


Pros: Cons:
  • It digs deep into your tastes to ensure the most appropriate matches, and it has the most impressive (and sleek) profile experience. You may also send messages to shared partners and send ‘likes’ in response to their profile’s unique elements.
  • Works great for finding a serious relationship.
  • Screening options to speed up the process.
  • More personalization with prompts.
  • The probability of matching increases with the comment system.
  • Users are less likely to ghosting and put more effort into replying.
  • Affordable premium subscription.
  • Fast account reaction.
  • Messaging first is ridiculously quick and even addictive. You like and vote on individual images or icebreaker responses instead of swiping. The guys were older and more attractive than those on Bumble and Hinge, and they placed more time into selecting good photos.
  • The overwhelming number of profile questions and features induces a sense of urgency to please – but isn’t that true of other dating apps as well?
  • Not suitable for hookups.
  • Small user base. Fewer matches outside the cities.
  • The Hinge pool is much smaller than Bumble because it only uses Facebook mutuals. Since you have to configure your venue manually, some of my matches were as far away as New York and Boston, which isn’t perfect for a casual get-together.


Pros: Cons:
  • Women are not disturbed by intrusive text.
  • High probability of result in a conversation.
  • Gender demographics are nearly equal.
  • Easy account set up since the bio is limited to 300 characters.
  • Only women can start the conversation.
  • Limited time matches. Women are given only 24 hours to reach their matches; if a woman does not contact, the match will be over.

Both of the platforms, Bumble vs Hinge, have advantages and disadvantages. There are significant differences between free and paid membership. Free membership has limited features, while paid membership can unlock all features.

And the Winner Is?

When it comes time to choose between Bumble vs Hinge, it depends on your first goal. Hinge is the right place to find a long-term partner for a serious relationship. The app also required detailed information for every user. So, you can learn more about the quality of your partner.

Hinge is an app that is able to make users addicted to its messaging game. The app provides a fun way to open a conversation.

Otherwise, if you are confident women who aim to make the first bold move and avoid any violating chat, Bumble is a good option. The app doesn’t require detailed information; it only takes a minute to sign-up. The platform has become the most popular one for brave women. So, in this Hinge vs Bumble competition, Hinge is the winner for its reputable image and cool features.

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