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Pickable review – what do we know about it?

Pickable review – what do we know about it?
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Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 75%
Popular Age 20-38
Profiles 1 200 000
Reply Rate 68%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 7.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Women do not need to handle men spamming them with messages since they only get messages from the people they contact.
  • Women are anonymous because they do not need to sign up or upload pictures.
  • Men do not need to browse profiles or swipe to find matches. All they do is sit and wait for women to contact them.
  • Connections are based on physical proximity, which promotes in-person meet-ups.
  • The interface is clean and straightforward.
  • The Pickable dating app is free; users can only subscribe to a premium membership if they need to boost their profiles.
  • Setting a profile does not take much time.
  • Men get live views of the number of women on their profile, rank, message requests, and how often their profiles are viewed. Those statistics can boost your confidence and keep you interested.
  • Pickable app minimizes long online chatting and encourages faster real-life meet-ups. Since it is location-based, men meet women near them. So, they may only need to introduce themselves and, within a short time, agree to meet outside the app.
  • Users can report scam profiles ensuring fewer scams on the dating platform.
  • The dating platform supports different relationship types. You can use it for hookups, serious dating, and casual dating.
  • Besides having a support center, the dating company has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts where people can contact a representative when they need help.
  • The Pickable dating app is still young and not very popular, so there are fewer users than similar online dating platforms have.
  • Men do not know who is sending them a message because women have no profiles on the app. So, it can be less fun compared to other dating services where women describe themselves and upload attractive photos.
  • Since women do not register or provide information about themselves, men are likely to encounter fake people.
  • Pickable dating app does not perform identity verification, implying even scammers can join the platform.
  • The dating service is only available on Android and iOS mobile devices; no desktop site exists.
  • Profiles are not private; unregistered users can view them. So, members should be careful with what they share.
  • Men might receive chat requests from women far from them. That makes it impossible to meet in person.
  • Some men upload group photos or images downloaded from the internet. So, it can be difficult for girls to know which men are real.

Pickable is a dating app created by Clémentine Lalande. The application was launched in late 2018 and has continuously grown, with over one million users worldwide.

The Pickable app was designed to prioritize ladies’ privacy on the internet. The application offers women a way to pick the men they like anonymously. It has a unique approach that keeps women discrete in the internet dating space. They do not need to upload pictures or reveal their names, age, or other information. In fact, there is no registration, which makes the app ideal for ladies who want to find men online but do not want their relatives, friends, or colleagues to know.

Most dating services encourage members to create detailed profiles and upload several pictures. However, that is not the case in the Pickable app. The platform encourages minimalism in the profiles. Men do not need to come up with alluring content to attract ladies. The app only allows uploading one photo with a short description. That, together with GPS location, is enough for women to choose whether to contact you or not.

Pickable is also the only app where men do not browse women to find matches. Just like women, men also get a tailored experience. They will not need to swipe right; they check their chat requests and decide whom to respond to. When men upload a picture, they must choose to allow women to either pick them or not for twenty-four hours. There is a dashboard with real-time updates of women currently exploring images, and they can send chat requests.

Since the Pickable app is location-based, men will get chat requests from women within their locations.

How does Pickable work?

How does Pickable work?

The Pickable app takes away the hard work of browsing profiles and finding suitable matches. Instead, men create a profile, set themselves pickable for twenty-four hours, and sit back and wait for women to show interest.

The dating application uses geolocation to suggest matches within your proximity. If a lady shows interest, you will get a chat request. Women have most of the usual details about men from the beginning. For example, they know their age, how they look, and other information men choose to provide. However, as a man, you will not know who is contacting you.

What exactly happens

Pickable has the “Become Pickable” option. If you click it, your picture will be presented to women near you for twenty-four hours. If a woman likes you, she will start a chat. You have to accept her chat request for a conversation to start. If you are not interested, you can deny it. However, you cannot make the first move and will not know who is requesting to chat with you or looking at your bio.

After twenty-four hours, your photo will disappear, and women will no longer see you. However, you can go on chatting with the woman you had started a conversation with before your picture disappeared. If you both like each other, you can meet in person.

Deleting your account

After finding a match, you may want to delete your Pickable account. There are two options:

  • You can deactivate your profile. Doing that will hide your information, and other members will not see it. The option lets you sign in and reactivate your account should you need to use it again.
  • You can close your account. The option deletes all information about you on the Pickable dating app. So, you will need to open a new account when you need to use the service again.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration - is it really easy?

The Pickable dating app has a unique signup process that gives men and women different experiences. Women do not register, create profiles, or upload pictures. In addition, they do not provide information about their age, education, or employment.

Conversely, men must register, create a profile, and upload pictures. Registration entails filling out a form with the following details:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Location: You specify this by enabling location settings on your device.

Furthermore, men must set themselves as pickable for their profiles to get viewed by women looking for matches. The app allows such men to be picked for twenty-four hours.

The app allows uploading one picture per person. So, men must choose a suitable photo to make women want to contact them. The profile description should also be catchy to get the ladies’ attention.

What about design and usability?

The Pickable dating app was designed for easy and interactive use. The interface has white and pink colors with tiny colored pictograms to spice up its usage.

The app contains men’s profiles through which women can browse. In addition, there is an option to like a profile, and the profile owner gets notified about it.

The Pickable app has a button that men click to make themselves appear to women nearby. Then, there is a window that shows men their ranking, the number of women online, profile views, and the number of chat requests. In the window, they will also see the time left before they become invisible on the app. As mentioned earlier, the application allows men to be picked for twenty-four hours only. So, your profile will disappear after that period, implying you will not get new message requests.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Let's talk about profile quality

Only men create profiles on the Pickable app. The profiles contain a name, a short description, and a photo. The application offers little profile information compared to other dating platforms. However, it makes up for that by enhancing faster face-to-face meet-ups. Unlike other dating apps where people meet matches in different countries, Pickable allows women to meet men nearby.

So, if a woman finds a man attractive, they can plan to meet the same day. In-person meetings are a good way to know matches better than relying on dating profile descriptions.

The mobile application

Pickable has Android and iOS mobile apps available. There is no desktop version of the dating service. The apps are free to download and do not occupy much space on mobile devices.

The apps are easy to use, and customers can seek support should they encounter challenges.

Both iOS and Android apps function the same way. Users just need to download and install them. If you are a man, it is obligatory to register.

You only need to load the app and explore men’s profiles if you are a woman.

Safety & security

The main reason why Pickable emerged is to offer safety and security to people looking for love. The app uses encryption to ensure data protection and safe browsing.

You are completely anonymous as a lady, implying you have nothing to lose. No name, no email address, no phone number, no banking information, no location, no pictures, etc. Your work on the platform is to explore men and contact those you find interesting. You can only reveal your identity to the people you choose.

The only drawback, however, is that you can encounter fake profiles. Pickable does not verify users’ email addresses or pictures. So, people can use images downloaded from the internet to lure women.

It is vital to be cautious when interacting with men on the dating platform. If possible, have a video call with your match to be sure they are the ones in the photos they uploaded on the dating app. It is also advisable to avoid sharing personal information. Instead, take your time to know someone; most people pretend to make themselves likable to win people’s trust quickly.

Pickable dating company management also ensures the safety of the platform by offering the Report option. If you suspect an account is fake, do not hesitate to report it.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Pickable is free. However, you can choose to subscribe to enjoy the following:

  • Unlimited message requests
  • No ads
  • See women who like you
  • Permanent boost

When you subscribe, payment is charged to your account and will be renewed twenty-four hours before the end of every period. You can turn off auto-renewing by going to your account settings.


The pickable app uses a credit system.

  • A one-week subscription costs $5.30.
  • A one-month subscription costs $15.91.
  • A one-year subscription costs $62.57.

Help & support

Pickable offers excellent support services to customers. You can reach a support representative through the email address indicated on the app. There are also Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts where customers can chat with the dating company representatives. The support agents are experienced and friendly and work around the clock to ensure everything on the platform runs smoothly.



This section provides answers to questions most people may have.

Is Pickable safe?

Yes. The site uses security technologies to ensure safe browsing and safe payment methods. However, customers need to be cautious. The platform does not verify new users, implying there can be many fake profiles. So, it is essential to be keen enough to identify people with bad intentions. For example, if a person rushes into meeting you or asks for your private details before you are familiar with them, that is a red flag. You should report them, and the Pickable team will take action.

Is Pickable a real dating site?

Yes. Men and women use the Pickable dating platform to find compatible partners for casual sex or long-term relationships. The app is the first one of its kind because women remain anonymous, and men do not have to make the first move. Also, the application uses geolocation, and therefore, people get to choose meeting partners close to where they are.

How to use Pickable ?

Men register on the platform. Their profiles contain a name, a photo, and a short description. Next, they make themselves pickable by clicking a button provided by the app. Their pictures then get shown to women around their location for twenty-four hours. Subsequently, women go through the profiles and send message requests to the men they find interesting. If a man accepts the chat request, they communicate and meet in person.

Is Pickable free?

Yes. You can use the online dating service for free. However, if you wish to boost your profile, get unlimited message requests, eliminate ads, and see women who like you, you should pay. There are three subscription options; $5.30 per week, $15.91 per month, and $62.57 per year.

Does Pickable really work?

Yes. There are lots of ladies browsing the app, and many men have genuine profiles. In addition, the men receive many chat requests from women nearby, implying a high chance of finding a match.



The most complaint from women in online dating is getting harassed, judged, stalked, or having thousands of men see their photos and biographies; some even obtain their private information. This is where Pickable comes in. The app makes women anonymous, allowing them to find the men they like without being noticed.

Men also have something to enjoy. It is not fun going through many profiles, making the first move, and getting rejected many times. On the Pickable platform, men just register, create a profile, and wait for women to make the first move.

Another thing that makes the app worth considering is there are no charges. Yes, dating services could be completely free. You can only subscribe if you wish to boost your profile, get more message requests, and see ladies who visit your profile. The subscription additionally gives users an ads-free Pickable online dating experience.

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