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SpeedDate Review – What Do We Know About It?

SpeedDate Review – What Do We Know About It?
About Site
Active Audience 75%
Quality Matches 82%
Popular Age 23-38
Profiles 11 000 000
Reply Rate 82%
Ease of Use 7.8
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Find potential friends or partners quickly
  • No need to create a detailed profile
  • There are no lengthy queries to complete
  • Attend live events in certain cities
  • Communicate through phone, Skype, and other means
  • Talk to potential prospects and establish a timeline for meeting up
  • Free sign-up
  • The site doesn't mention cost details before sign-up
  • Sign-up is required to access the site

SpeedDate is a hybrid of online and traditional speed dating, where people meet and chat with several possible matches in a short time (often five minutes or less) in a “round robin” format. Since its start at the end of 2007, when the domain was bought, SpeedDate.com has held more than 60 million online speed dates. Users can have face-to-face video chats with up to fifteen other individuals for an hour. When a user’s three-minute date is up, they can continue talking or move on to the next potential match. SpeedDate has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,203,674 for its online speed-dating industry innovations.

SpeedDate simplifies online dating by compiling a list of potential dates based on your profile information. Your answers to their inquiries about your ideal partner and your personal information help them identify compatible connections. Due to this convenience, speed dating may progress quickly.

If you need a different suggestion, the site also provides extensive search tools to assist you in discovering a compatible partner. What’s the best part about virtual speed dating? Before meeting someone in person, you may rapidly determine if you have chemistry with them through live chats.

SpeedDate is simple to use and costs nothing to test, so why wait?

How Does SpeedDate Work?

How Does SpeedDate Work?

Speeddate is a dating service that facilitates quick introductions between local people. Their slogan, “real dates in real-time,” perfectly sums up the service: it’s like speed dating, only online, and you meet other people in real time. Use instant messaging, cam video chat, and live audio to have several live 5-minute online matches from the convenience of your home with SpeedDate.

Signing up takes less than two minutes, and once you’re in, you may begin “dating” practically immediately. Our site has hundreds of available individuals, so you can find someone that fits your preferences.

You can start speed dating when you fill out a basic profile. Online speed dating has never been easier than with this user-friendly platform that walks you through each stage. The site’s interactive virtual tour makes getting to know it a breeze. There are guides and tutorials at every step. You can shorten the sign-up procedure by linking your existing Facebook profile to your SpeedDate profile.

SpeedDate uses the information its users give, like their tastes and where they live, to list possible matches with other users. When paired, these individuals may have a speedy three-minute cyber date. These “speed dates” are conducted online via chat or video. When the timer goes off, users rate how well they get along. When two people meet and determine that they click with one another, they might choose to continue communicating. If not, they proceed to the next potential victim.

The goal is to provide all interested parties with as many simultaneous virtual dates as possible. This is done so that users may gauge their suitability to one another. In this way, we found that SpeedDate did something that most dating sites don’t yet: it combined technology for the initial matching with the analytical sense of each user to make the most important decisions about possible compatibility—in other words, combining the analytical power of computers with the wisdom of humans.


SpeedDate has a large and enthusiastic user base because it provides a useful and enjoyable service. The average SpeedDate.com user is a middle-aged professional. With so many available profiles, it’s no surprise that this site is a favorite among those looking for love online. However, despite its widespread acclaim, it has a very small fan base on Facebook. SpeedDate.com profiles are detailed and well-written. In conclusion, SpeedDate.com is widely regarded as a successful dating platform.

Matching System

SpeedDate.com’s matching system accomplishes its goals, although it may be improved. This service does not utilize a user’s answers to a personality test to determine their preferences. Instead, the service pairs users up based on the information they provide in their profiles. SpeedDate.com users are not privy to who views their profiles or who they are seen by. However, they are given the option to hide their profiles from other users. SpeedDate.com has a decent matching mechanism but has room for improvement.

Search Features

The search features on SpeedDate.com are decent; however, they could be improved to provide more relevant results. Members can browse other compatible individuals based on their appearance. Members are unable to perform keyword searches on the site. There is no way for users to see who else is online at the same time as them. It is possible to search based on a user’s profile information. However, SpeedDate.com does not include a search feature for finding new members’ profiles. SpeedDate.com’s search features are basic, although there’s room for improvement.


SpeedDate.com’s methods of contact are rather conventional. Most potential mates can converse using the site’s email chat function. The live chat feature enables instantaneous communication between users and their matches. SpeedDate.com does not provide its members with a live video chat option. The SpeedDate.com messaging options are decent but could be more outstanding.

Registration - Is It Really Easy?

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Signing up for SpeedDate takes less than a minute. It is more organized and less chaotic than other dating services. You are asked for general information like your name, age, gender, address, relationship status, etc.

The next step is to fill up a brief “who am I” and “about me” section.

This streamlined application process may look odd at first. After all, you need to give more information about yourself to be able to find a compatible partner. However, when you use the site, you’ll see it’s all for a reason. Online speed daters are more likely to strike up conversations with those who have simple profiles.

Signing up for SpeedDate.com is simple; all you have to do is fill up your profile and add a photo to start chatting with other users in minutes. You can narrow or broaden your search criteria as much as you like. The concept is straightforward: describe your needs, sign up, and start talking in real time.

Many people are looking for love, like the speed with which they may find someone. You may get more out of SpeedDate.com by linking it to your Facebook profile.

What About Design and Usability?

The design of SpeedDate.com is flawless at first glance. Many attractive individuals seeking other singles have posted their photos there.

You may wonder what went wrong when you browse the remainder of the site. Beautiful images give way to a medium to light blue backdrop that would be tolerable if the text weren’t white.

All the text and other details underneath the images are just unpleasant to take in. The terrible color scheme also makes finding the site’s links difficult.

The experience of using the site gradually becomes more frustrating as time goes on. You need to make a profile before you can start setting up dates.

To be fair to SpeedDate.com, other sites also employ this restriction. When writing this review, we looked at how the site handled users’ private information, such as phone numbers, how fast the site loaded, and what other users had to say about SpeedDate.

Unfortunately, the site’s design isn’t compelling enough to overcome this minor inconvenience. But it may still be the most successful online dating platform for introverts. When it comes to quick dates and casual relationships, SpeedDate does define itself.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

A significant new development in online dating is the emphasis placed on verifying the identities of prospective partners. Paid members of SpeedDate have access to verified profiles. We found a small number of suspect profiles during our research. While present, their numbers needed to be more sufficient to significantly impact the service’s quality.

When using the site’s free version, our two male testers noted that many of the profiles urging them to subscribe to the paid version appeared “generic.” Because of this, they began to suspect that the profiles were fake.

SpeedDate reserves the right to use registered users’ profile information in any manner they see appropriate, including for internal site advertising, as outlined in the terms and conditions. It made us question whether some of the ‘lures’ were just such things.

The Mobile Application

With SpeedDate’s mobile dating app, you can experience the thrill of instant connection anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re currently using the app or not, you’ll always know the latest information on who has viewed your profile. You should not worry about losing your connection when shopping, working out, or drinking coffee. You never know who you could meet on your next SpeedDate—it might be someone living as close as a mile away.

The SpeedDate dating app can be downloaded on iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, and Facebook.

Since its inception in 2007, SpeedDate has completely changed the face of online dating. Through 5-minute “speed dates,” members of SpeedDate Mobile can boost their dating prospects. With SpeedDate’s exclusive real-time technology, there’s no need to worry about making a bad first impression. Over 17 million members on SpeedDate, and hundreds more sign up daily, making it the perfect place to discover your life partner.

You may get SpeedDate from the iTunes App Store without spending a dime. With just three taps, users can join up for SpeedDate on their mobile devices and start having fun immediately. After signing up, members get access to an endless supply of profiles of other individuals and may begin chatting with them immediately.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

SpeedDate terms and conditions are among the most reasonable and fair in the industry. All new users can join the service for free forever. The premium membership price is suitable for people interested in signing up. Premium users can sign up for a recurring monthly subscription. The site is upfront about its refund policy and procedure. SpeedDate has extremely reasonable membership requirements.

Pricing And Benefits

SpeedDate offers two main kinds of membership: free and paid. There is no requirement to upgrade to a premium membership to use or enjoy the site fully as a free user.

Free users can join, fill out a profile, talk with other users for up to five minutes, exchange emails, and make limited contact with others.

A paid membership gives you access to premium features of the dating service.

Here are some rough estimates for membership fees:

  • Monthly fees are $29.95
  • Monthly price for 3 months = $19.95
  • Monthly cost of $15.95 for 6 months.
  • Price per month for a year: $12.95

All membership costs must be paid at once, regardless of membership level.

You may contact all users of SpeedDate, participate in live chats, send messages after dates, and more with a paid membership. You can also know who has visited your profile and who is interested in dating you.

When combined with appealing information about possible matches, these incentives encourage more people to participate in speed dating.

These one-of-a-kind internet speed dates go quickly, so be sure your profile information is enticing!

Despite the most advanced matching methods, SpeedDate is a fantastic service for individuals wishing to date online.

Help & Support

SpeedDate.com provides its users with many channels for contacting support. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is on the site’s homepage. Users can also submit a form via email to communicate more detailed issues with the service’s support team. The service also includes a phone number customers may call for help. The site needs more useful content, such as articles or blogs. Members cannot interact with one another on the site since it requires a community discussion area. SpeedDate provides its users with many options for contacting customer service.



Is SpeedDate Safe?

SpeedDate is an innovative dating site that claims to employ advanced security features that protect users’ information. However, the site’s online reviews are mixed, with some people complaining about fake profiles while others attesting to finding real matches. Overall our experts didn’t find many fake profiles on the site and found few real matches that matched their interests.

Is SpeedDate A Real Dating Site?

In 2007, two Stanford University graduates launched SpeedDate.com, the first online speed dating platform for busy singles. There are presently over 11,000,000 people from every corner of the globe using this dating service. As per our most recent count, we also discovered a respectable number of active users, over 4,000.

How To Use SpeedDate?

SpeedDate.com is a dating service that facilitates speedy introductions between local people. Their slogan, “Real Dates in Real-Time,” precisely represents their service: users may engage in virtual speed dating in real time. SpeedDate is an online dating service that allows users to have several 3-way video and voice chats in only 5 minutes.

Is SpeedDate Free?

Like many other “freemium” dating sites, SpeedDate relies on advertising to make money. Some features are free and available to all users upon registration, while others are paid upgrades. Basic membership allows you to browse profiles, “like” other users, and send winks, but it does not include access to instant messaging or video chats. This significantly restricts their capacity for participation on the web.

Is SpeedDate Really Works?

SpeedDate.com is a website that promotes itself as a virtual speed dating event where users may go on “real dates in real time.” The site’s registration process, user interface, and the operation of its features are all created with efficiency in mind.


SpeedDate is one of a kind when it comes to online dating sites. Members can reach one another using a variety of channels provided by the site. The mechanism for pairing people up is decent, but should be improved. Standard search features on SpeedDate can be customized for more precise results. Regarding usability on mobile devices, the service needs to be better. Setting up and using a profile on SpeedDate.com couldn’t be simpler. This dating platform is well-liked and respected by its user base. Members can contact the service’s helpful staff in several different ways. The requirements for membership are practical and fair. When it comes to internet dating, SpeedDate delivers as advertised.

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