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Jack’d vs Grindr – Which One Is Better?

Jack’d vs Grindr – Which One Is Better?

Jack’d vs Grindr is a trending aspect of today’s social media forums because of its online fame. Today, most people are interested in dating apps that serve them well. It’s among the most popular methods of meeting new people. Many gay dating apps have been becoming popular today, and it’s no less than a blessing for men.

Getting many guys together can make the situation go ugly and end up with many unsolicited nudes. And then we talk about Jack’d. It’s a great alternative to other apps. It’s not at all just about hookups but about finding genuine relationships out there in the world of gay dating.

It’s quite similar to other dating platforms like Grindr, Scruff, etc. However, in Jack’d, you get benefits in the form of additional features like who can check out your photos and who admires your profile, and when. Jack’d find both relationships and hookup, whatever your preference is. Suppose you ask about its design; it’s more NSA friendly.

Grindr is another popular website that is the first geo social dating app launched in 2009. It has dominated the entire gay hookup culture and has flourished throughout the industry.

People often assume that Grindr is just for hookups, according to the consensus. However, that’s not true. All the members come on the Grindr with different motives other than just hookups. Its preferences are open for people whether they want only one-night stands, long relationships, or need fuckbuddies.

Among Jack’d vs Grindr, Grindr would be best if you need a brief encounter. Grindr is among the freest apps when you compare it to other dating platforms. It has got restrictions at some points that can be ignored because of its other unique features. You need to register on the website, put down the preferences, and get started. You can scroll through several profiles and choose the one you like. However, while using the free version, you will be bothered by ads for sure.

Grindr is often faced by large gatherings or bigotry behavior. It is unacceptable and is not appreciated by users of the platform. People are mostly fond of expressing their desire in a specific manner which can be a little too harsh for some people who don’t have an open mind.

While considering Grindr vs Jack’d, Grindr is a great place to get started. The most prominent advantage is it has the largest community of gay members. So you can use the platform being anonymous if you don’t want to come out about your preferences. You can choose any gender status for pronouncing while surfing the website.

Grindr has been one of the top platforms in the gay universe to make the hearts meet. It covers everything right from a gay emoji keyboard, online magazine, or any significant event. Considering excellence in the previous years, it will stay in its top position for a long time.

What Is the Difference between Jack’d and Grindr?


Jack’d is one of those apps that offers a great variety of features, specifically for gays and bisexuals. It lets users connect to the guys interested in dating, friendship, casual meetings, one-night stands, and hookups.

The app is location-based, and we can select any specific location all over the world, which allows us to connect to the user living nearby.

Some features of the app:

  • They offer free sign-up to all the users.
  • Users can send unlimited messages.
  • Great and active support.
  • They don’t allow to block any users.
  • No operating through the website, they redirect to the app.
  • They have a massive user base of over 5 million.

Free services include:

  • Allows finding 200 guys nearby.
  • Viewing profiles and chatting with them.
  • Allows us to share some private photos.
  • Browse all over the world.
  • Search filters.
  • Marking guys as favorites and adding them to favorite lists.

Paid services include:

  • Allows to find 500 guys nearby.
  • No ads.
  • Unlimited Matches.
  • View the list of guys who viewed you.
  • More detailed view of the profile.
  • Browse anonymously.


Grindr is another gay dating app with top-notch features, and it’s the location-based app that uses mobile’s geolocation feature and finds gay, Trans, bi, and queer singles located nearby.

It comes with a user base of 27 million and 3.8 million daily active users worldwide.

It’s one of the only dating platforms that added the HIV status to a user profile for safety concerns.

Some features of the app:

  • Full features for free users.
  • Highest number of user engagement, more than other dating apps.
  • Matches are only location-based.
  • Live chat feature in the paid plan.
  • Twenty million pics and around 228 million texts are shared per day.

Free services include:

  • Free profile creation.
  • Chatting.
  • Allowed to view 100 matches.
  • Select one tribe.
  • Use basic filters.
  • Explore the profiles of users.
  • Create groups and chat.

Paid services include:

  • No ads.
  • Push notification service.
  • You are allowed to view 600 matches.
  • View online users.
  • Select 3 tribes.
  • Unlimited favorites.
  • Unlimited blocks.
  • Save chat phrases.

Which One Is Better for Men?

It’s challenging to choose one while considering Grindr vs Jack’d. However, Grindr is a revolutionary gay dating app that is far better than other competing apps. You can then use the filter option to browse through numerous categories; however, you will see more members living close to you. Most of the time, it will be like looking at the same 20 or 30 faces who live close by.

The best thing about Grindr is it is a broad-search. You will find all types of people here with different desires. You will see fetishists trying to fit in their kink and the couple who want to organize chemsex parties.

Also, you will see the escorts finding clients, even the straight boys without a dick or just someone looking for a date.

Over the years, Grindr has improved progressively for men. One can post multiple pictures now and also send an alert if you are into someone. Without even saying a word, you can convey your message by just sending a notification for free.

Another great addition to the latter among Jack’d or Grindr is it has a fact profile now. You cannot put up your preferences relating to being sent or NSWF.

Users can engage in conversational beats like ‘Into smells,’ ‘Host or travel,’ ‘btm or Top.’ Or you can play it differently by no shade at all. Grindr is among the most ergonomic dating platforms that are made for fun. If you are looking for something nebulous, you might not like it.

You will find numerous people on the website looking for conversation. There may be more people chatting rather than finding dates. Grindr is practical and open for multiple purposes. You will find people of all the community for many reasons and motives. It is no place to judge a man for his desire.

On the other hand, when it’s about Jack’d, it’s confined to black men only. That’s why people consider reading Grindr vs Jack’d before thinking about signing up.

It is a color-oriented app that caters to NSA and not LTRs. Men from any location are incredibly welcome on the platform. However, if we talk about men from all over the world hooking up in one place, Grindr would be the best choice.

Jack’d vs Grindr – Target Audience


Grindr being the most prominent community includes around 750000 members from the United States. When we talk about weekly active members, Grindr has almost 100000 users.

Most of the site Grindr members come from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, international.


When it’s about Jack’d d, it has almost 450000 members from the USA. It has 50000 users weekly active. Jack’d has over 5 million users worldwide. The maximum amount of the population falls under the ‘strictly friends’ or LTR category.

Most of the members of the website fall between the age of 18 and 26. With almost 1.2 million users worldwide, the platform is spread over 180 countries and 2000 cities. Members with different appearances, interests, and backgrounds come together to form a community of African-Americans.

Interface and Usability

The interface and usability concerning Grindr vs Jack’d apps are effortless. Read below to find out how these apps vary from each other in terms of usability.

When we compare Jack’d and Grindr’s usability and interface, it’s almost the same. Both the apps have similar interfaces that include great profiles right after the registration. The algorithm of the website sorts these member profiles, especially to suit the needs of users.

The bottom of the same site shows other menus like settings, messages, etc.

Grindr is an ad-supported app that is made for all Android devices and uses location technology to connect men in the same area. If people are bothered by ads popping up, again and again, you can always subscribe.

The app is straightforward to use and visually uncluttered. While registering, all you need to do is put your date of birth and email. Then you need to select a password and put the location on for your phone. Just put a profile photo and a display name. You can write a few lines in the about me section that tells about yourself to other users.

The most exciting details of any user are found in the stats section. It tells you all the standard information like relationship status, body type, weight, height, and ethnicity. However, Grindr has a special section dedicated to gay users. It is the striking feature you can consider concerning Grindr vs Jack’d.

To check out the possible matches, you can go to the cascade page—it shows a list from your area from the geolocation. As you scroll down, the cascade profiles will start loading automatically until you have covered the maximum number of users. You can refresh the matches again and again to find new people.

You can filter the matches by ‘Online now’ or ‘My type’. My type will have all the filters for users and also the premium filters for subscribed users. You can use the fresh faces above your matches’ grid to get the list of the newest users.

You can swipe up profile photos to check out the information of the user. If you don’t want commitment, you can long-press on a cascade. It will show you a zoomed profile pic without showing the profile information. You can tap the chat bubble and the bottom to get hold of your messages.

Grindr also comes with multiple messaging features. One can use saved phrases specially dedicated to different users. Depending on the messages you have sent or the texts others have sent you, you can store the most frequently used texts on your favorite notifications.

You can get access to gaymoji, which has a collection of more than 500 LGBTQ stickers. You can personalize your text messages or in-app chats. Grindr is more than happy to add more emojis every day.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

Jack’d or Grindr dating plans come with affordable pricing that anyone can bear. Here is a list of the subscription plan and each app’s features to help you compare them effortlessly.

Grindr plans

1 Month $24.99
3 Months $20.97
6 Months $29.94
12 Months $47.88


  • Can check 600 profiles at once
  • Unlimited favorites and blocks
  • Can chat using the saved phrases
  • Get premium filters
  • Check online users
  • Can see profile photos
  • Send multiple pictures

Jack’d plans

One week 3.99 USD/week
One Month 9.99 USD/Month
Three months 7.33 USD/Month
12 months 4.83 USD/month

  • No banner ads
  • Unlimited swipes
  • Security in-app
  • Can check insights on people
  • Check boys who viewed you
  • Can refer 500 boys nearby
  • Browse unlimitedly

Pros and Cons

The direct comparison of Jack’d vs Grindr is right here!


Pros Cons
Best place to meet creative people The latest version can crash
Great platform for LGBTQ community


Pros Cons
Can make an account quickly Can check the profiles by geolocation feature
Encourages users to act upfront High technology is bothersome for elders


Jack’d vs Grindr both are phenomenal in the world of gay dating. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t try these platforms if you are looking to fall in love with a fantastic guy! But when we compare these two and talk about which one is the best for everyone, we think of Grindr. It’s because Grinder is socially acceptable by every race, culture, or community.

Jack’d is also a great dating app, but it’s more confined to just the African community. So if that’s your preference, you can surely start hunting in Jack’d! And if you are looking for someone outside this community, go for Grindr! Considering all the facts and benefits, undoubtedly, the winner would Grindr while considering Jack’d or Grindr!

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