Cougar Ultimate Review for Those Who Love Dating MILFs
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Tinder Cougar Ultimate Review for Those Who Love Dating MILFs

Tinder Cougar Ultimate Review for Those Who Love Dating MILFs

Young boys these days try different kinds of relationships, one of which is cougar dating. Here, they get involved with women who are much older than them and also far more mature. If you wonder why boys love indulging in casual hookups with these women, these ladies have the best physical features. Cougar Tinder has become popular recently, and people are trying it more and more. The cougars found on Tinder are supremely hot and perfectly gorgeous.

Men who have dated cougars in the past have experienced heavenly joy. If you check out the real-life experience reviews of men dating MILFs, you will know how great the overall experience is. Many people think that older women lack the sexual arousal capacity and are far less sexy than young girls. But let us spill the truth! Mature ladies are way sexier than girls of your age. Wondering why? Well, because they know the right ways of giving pleasure to men. Most cougars are either married or have already been in one or more relationships; hence, they will know far more about sex than college teens. Also, they give you no unrealistic expectations. For them, sex with young boys is merely a give-and-take relationship, which is good because men who engage in casual hookups are often not comfortable with long-term plans. So, if you are really into cougars and want to explore this world better through Tinder, then make sure you read this guide until the end. Here, we will help you learn everything that you must know for a worthwhile Tinder dating experience. Are you eager to know more? Read on!

What Exactly Is a Cougar?

We cannot start the guide without explaining what ‘cougar’ means. In simple words, cougars are those women who are older and more mature. Their age is usually above 40, making them quite experienced in life. A cougar can be either married or unmarried, but when they are married and have children, they get called by a special name – ‘MILF’. Know that these women are not into serious talks whatsoever. You cannot expect them to engage with you emotionally because they are already done with that crap. Instead, they can make your life living heaven by giving you the best casual sex experience.

Some cougars have the policy of hooking up only once with a particular man, but some are wild enough to hook up several times with the same person. But to make sure that you get to enjoy sex with them more than once, you will have to show yourself as a mature person. Showing yourself mature does not mean that you need to pretend to be someone you are not. Be yourself but avoid talking about your daily life burdens because that is a total turn-off for these ladies. If you truly want to impress a MILF, you will have to be at your best adult version. These women take time to analyze your character first and then give you a chance to get laid with them. Things cougars like in their date are maturity, no emotional attachments after sex, and good looks. Suppose you have it all, great! But even if you lack some, don’t worry because our experts are there to help you out!

Where Can One Find Cougars for Getting Laid?

We know how enticing the whole thing sounds, but the main question is where to find a hot cougar date? After much surfing on different dating platforms, our experts concluded that there is no better place than Tinder for finding cougar dates. Tinder is one such place where women from all countries and ages are present. And all types of dating are possible on this site, including Tinder cougar dating. Tinder is also highly rated as a hookup platform where many members are excited to get laid. Thankfully, the MILFs are also a part of the crowd, and young boys appreciate that a lot!

Even though there is another cougar app like Tinder on the web, our experts tried them, and their reviews were not that great. But still, if we have to suggest some alternatives to Tinder, then those would be Ashley Madison, AdultFriendFinder, and eHarmony. The free platforms are not worth it; hence, wasting your time there won’t help. However, if you are tight on budget, you can give the free platforms a try. We won’t be suggesting any such free cougar sites here because our team did not like the platforms that well. But if you plan to join one anyway, then make sure you check their online reviews.

Coming back to Tinder, the cougars here are super cool about their needs, and hence, they never shy away. The women here are bold, hot, and supremely desirable. If you have always dreamt of getting the best hookup experience with a woman who knows what she does in bed, then you can find that ‘one’ dream lady here. We have covered everything from A to Z on how to impress the MILFs on Tinder. Therefore, do not feel lost or confused; delve into the guide with us now!

How can One Find Tinder MILFs for Sex?

Are you tired of swiping on girls who are close to your age and want to see profiles of older ladies? We get you! So many men wonder what they can do to tweak the Tinder algorithm and view only those around 40. Well, if you do not know how the algorithm works, then let us brief you. While creating the profile, you need to enter your age. For example, suppose you are 22 years old, and you enter that in your profile. Now, Tinder will suggest you only those girls who are either 22 or nearly. Hence, you will never get an opportunity to swipe on MILFs. That is why we have a hack for you! To dominate the Tinder algorithm, all you need to do is lie about your age. For example, you can set your age as 45; Tinder will start showing you the profiles of those aged around 40. We know it is unethical, but that’s the only way to meet the cougars via Tinder.

Make sure that you initially entered the wrong age while creating the account because Tinder does not allow users to change their age or name later. If you already have a profile on Tinder and that contains your real age, you will have to create a new account to apply the hack.

Now that you have entered your age, you can turn on your device location to connect with the nearby cougars. Not depending on the device location is a bad idea because then you will struggle with getting matches. Tinder is a safe platform, so sharing your location details is not a problem.

Let Your Profile Picture Speak

Your profile photo will be the first thing a cougar will come across while swiping, so make sure you do a marvelous job there. What do you think MILFs will like to see as your profile photo? If you said pictures in boxers or shirtless photos showcasing abs, then no, dear, you got it so wrong. Of course, women love men who are sexy, but these aren’t the only ways of showing your erotic side. A good profile picture where you look handsome, confident, and mature will work the best.

As you have entered the wrong age in your profile, you need to prove otherwise with your profile photo. For that, make sure that you are uploading a picture that makes you look young and happy. Do not upload selfies because those show your immature side. Instead, try to upload a good-quality photo.

Keep Your Bio Up to the Mark

If you are done deciding on the profile picture, then you must think about your bio next. Make sure that your biography is written in a naughty tone that somehow expresses your interest in cougars. We would not recommend you mention it directly. Instead, you can say something like, “40s make me think of bed”. That’s a hint that women who are around 40 arouse you. You can also include other double-meaning jokes to showcase your sense of humor. Please do not write childish things in your bio like “looking for someone who can make me forget my ex.” That’s a big NO! Keep it short, funny, confident, and sexy.

Tips to Chat Perfectly with Cougars

You can either impress or depress someone with the way you chat. So, learning the right method of speaking with Tinder MILFs is quite important. We have covered them below!

Don’ts of Chatting

Before we talk about what exactly you should be doing while chatting with the Tinder cougars, let’s talk about what you shouldn’t:

  • Avoid behaving like a pervert: Even though you both know where the conversation would lead, you don’t have to act obsessively so that she ends up thinking of you as a pervert. You can flirt and use double-meaning texts but saying something like “send nudes” is highly disappointing, and you might get blocked instantly. You cannot make comments like, “oh, you have got a good ass.” She already knows it, and you don’t need to inform her that’s the first thing you’ve noticed.
  • Avoid being clichéd: Balancing between not being a pervert and not being clichéd is an art that most people fail to master. But that’s what we want you to do before you start chatting. Do not send her copied pickup lines or romantic poems because that’s too old school and not something casual sex lovers prefer, especially when she’s an experienced woman.

Dos of Chatting

Please do not commit the chatting mistakes as stated above. Instead, grab the attention of a cougar by doing some things right while chatting. Have a look below:

  • Don’t lie: In general, every woman hates a man who lies, but for cougars, it is even more applicable. As they are older than you, they have more experience with humans and their ways of lying. So, they will catch you red-handed even before you know it. Even though you will have to lie about your age in the profile, you can break that to her while chatting by saying something like, “Tinder algorithm made me increase my age to meet a hottie like you.”
  • Don’t pretend: No matter how hard you try, you cannot become a man of 40 years old within a day, so don’t pretend. Also, she is not interested in men of her age if she is looking for younger boys. So be yourself and trust us – that would be the biggest turn-on. However, avoid talking about college, exes, and friends!
  • Compliment her: Everyone, irrespective of their age and maturity level, loves to get complimented. You can check out her pictures and find out her best features for a genuine compliment. Again, please do not compliment her ass and boobs if you have just started talking. Of course, you can do it when you are sexting but not otherwise. Some sweet compliments can be related to her dressing styles, skin, hair, smile, and so on. These compliments usually go well with most cougars.

What to Do Next?

If you people are chatting, the next step will be to ask for her number or Snapchat id. Women who get impressed usually share these credentials without thinking twice. If you have reached the number, she is totally into you. Then you can slowly drag the conversation to sexting. Do not take much time to start sexting because these women do not like plain talk much. Most cougars usually start it first, but even if they don’t, you can do it.

Was the sexting great? If yes, then now it’s time to meet for the hookup. You can ask her out for coffee or a movie. It does not sound too romantic, but these women want to keep it straight to the point, which is SEX. However, we would still recommend you to meet in public and then bring her home. Great sex is always what you should focus on when hooking up with a cougar. Try to learn some ways of impressing older women by doing a bit of research on the net. But be ready because she will be the ruler of that night, and believe us, you are going to enjoy every bit of it!

Closing Thoughts

By now, we are sure that you know a lot about how to date cougars on Tinder. The tips that we shared today are straight out of a gold mine; so, use this valuable treasure at its best. Young boys often think that impressing a cougar is a difficult task to accomplish, but we tell you otherwise. It’s perfectly easy when you follow our guidance. You don’t need to be strict because even though they are older than you, they are as horny as you are. So, if you approach them for sex in the right way, the cougars will respond well, and you guys will have a bang on! If you behave well and keep them satisfied, there are high chances that a rich cougar will become your sugar mommy. If you are comfortable with the concept, then don’t let go of this opportunity.


We have also answered the most commonly asked questions related to Tinder cougar dating. Continue reading!

Can Tinder be Trusted for Cougar Dating?

So far, we have not come across any other site that can beat Tinder regarding cougar dating. As Tinder is a popular dating platform for relationships, finding many connections here is super easy. You will have to follow what we said, and Tinder can prove to be your perfect place for finding cougars!

Why do Cougars Hook Up with Young Boys?

A few reasons why cougars like getting laid with young boys are:

  • These men are hot and have a greater capacity for satisfying women.
  • Young boys pay more attention to older women out of admiration.
  • They think frankly about no-strings-attached relationships.

How can I Know Whether Someone Is into Cougar Dating?

You can easily find out if a woman is a cougar by:

  • Check their age on the profile. If they are close to 40, she might be a cougar.
  • Cougars usually mention in their bio their interest in younger boys.
  • Get on a chat or call with them to explore more about their desires. If they like young men, then it will be evident from how she speaks to you.

How can I Get in Touch with Tinder MILFs?

Some of the ways of looking for Tinder cougars are:

  • Always set your age higher than you are. The best age setup would be somewhere around 45 years old because then Tinder will suggest people ranging from 35 to 45 years old. This hack works the best when looking for cougar dates on Tinder. You can also use it on other platforms where the matchmaking algorithm is similar to Tinder.
  • You can also use the search filter and put the age preference to find members near that age.
  • Turn on the device location, set your age (wrong one), and then keep swiping on cougars.

What are the Tips to Impress a Cougar Date?

Some of the best tips to impress any cougar are:

  • The profile must reflect confidence, especially the profile photo you use. Make sure you are smiling in the picture, and your face looks handsome, radiant, and mature.
  • Do not go for small talks except for the first few lines. Talking about petty matters won’t interest a cougar. Start flirting and win her heart.
  • Pass on genuine compliments that sound true and direct from the heart.

Why Is Tinder Crowded with Cougars?

Tinder is now the favorite of those looking for hookups because its success rate with casual sex is high thanks to the great community, which is non-judgmental and super frank. Back in time, women of older age were not able to talk about their sexual desires openly. Still, with the evolution of Tinder, they get an amazing community that understands their desires and validates them. That is the major reason why the count of Tinder cougars is increasing rapidly. Also, the young boys here pay much attention to the older women, making these ladies beam with happiness!

How to Date a Cougar?

Some tips from the experts are:

  • Be attentive: These women do not like to get diverted attention. If you want her to be yours, even for a night, then make sure you give her all of it. Please her in a way that she forgets about the other men in her life.
  • No need to act super mature: We know that you will feel insecure about not behaving the right way, but that’s okay, and she gets you. For that, you don’t need to act like you are way mature than your age. Of course, avoid behaving childishly but still be you!
  • Never lie: Mature women are living lie detectors because they have already dealt with many men before. So, avoid lying about anything.
  • Ask before assuming: Not all cougars are there for casual sex. Some also look for serious relationships. So, make sure you do not make any assumptions. Be clear about your motives and confirm hers as well.
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