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Zoosk vs POF – Which Is Better?

Zoosk vs POF – Which Is Better?

Zoosk is a flexible online dating platform that helps users find short-term and long-term relationships. It is deemed as one of the most preferred dating sites in the world. The dating service claims it has attracted more than 40 million members so far when it comes to membership. Moreover, the majority of the site users are active. These are critical aspects in the Zoosk vs POF comparison.

If you want to access the critical services on the website, you must upgrade to a paid membership. The premium membership will also help you unlock access to many unique features. In addition, those that prefer accessing the dating services on the go can use the dating app available on all app stores.

On the other hand, Plenty Of Fish is among the premier dating sites for singles interested in finding love. The dating service offers many features for free, including messaging functionality. You will effortlessly find your perfect match thanks to the site’s Online Personality Assessment.

If you stay for long without being active on the platform, it will automatically sign you out. You can also access the services on the go from the mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices. Read this Zoosk vs POF review to learn how the two sites differ.

What Is the Difference Between Zoosk and POF?

Zoosk vs POF is a tough comparison because the sites are not miles apart. However, if you look keenly, you will find some notable differences between the two.

Brand Popularity

Zoosk is a relatively popular online dating platform. The site has around 40 million users spread across 80 countries. The service seems to be very popular in the USA, where it has up to 20 million users. Moreover, the members are active as the site registers around 1.6 million logins every day.

Plenty Of Fish regards itself as the world’s largest dating site. True to its word, it has a whopping 90 million users from all over the world. However, like on Zoosk, the majority of the site’s members reside in the US. Data from POF suggests that it has over 78 million users from the US. The site also has more daily logins than Zoosk, as it claims to get up to 2 million logins each day.


As mentioned earlier, Zoosk has a membership of 40 million singles from all over the world. Data from the site shows that most of the members on the site are aged between 25 and 34. Moreover, there are more men than women on the site – 45% are women while 55% are men.

You will not miss someone to chat with as a significant number of the members is usually active. The site is also flexible enough, having users looking for both short-term and long-term relationships.

Plenty Of Fish has close to 100000 members worldwide. Most of the members are young adults aged between 25 and 34 years. There are more men than women on the site, meaning there is plenty of fish for the ladies. According to the site owners, 60% of the users are men, while 40% are women. If you are in the USA, you could easily find someone from your locality as most of the members are from there.

Moreover, the users are active and friendly; if you post something on the forums, other uses respond immediately. The topics users discuss include music, games, movies, and, of course, relationship.

Profile Quality

On Zoosk, the profile quality of users is good. You can quickly tell the personality traits of a user by reading their profile details. The site also allows free members to view user profiles, including their profile pictures. The majority of members on the dating site have filled their profile details completely, making it effortless for you to get a perfect match. Zoosk also requires that users validate their profiles.

The profiles on POF are very informative. You can easily tell the type of relationship other users are looking for. Moreover, the profile page does not focus on the member alone; it also displays details about the people around the user. You can also read details about their parents and siblings. Members also reveal how long their most extended relationships lasted. Compared to Zoosk, POF user profiles are more detailed.

Safety and Privacy

You will hardly come across a fake profile on Zoosk. This is because the site runs a rigorous profile verification process for new members before using the site services. If you cannot verify your identity, the site will not allow you to enjoy the benefits.

If at all you bump into a fake profile, the site allows you to report and block that profile. When you block a suspicious user, they will not see your profile on their search results, and they cannot communicate with you. Besides, the site moderators usually do routine screening of the members to flush out scammers.

Plenty Of Fish has gained a reputation for having one of the best Privacy Policies. For instance, the site uses SMS verification to ensure that spammers and scammers do not sneak into the membership platform.

Moreover, the forums on the site have moderators that check new posts and threads for violation of rules. The site prohibits members from posting on the forum using abusive language, self-advertising, or any posts that have links. The two websites seem to have done enough to keep their members safe.

Which One Is Better for Men?

The dating needs for men are very different from that of women. As a result, not all dating sites will serve men well. Based on men’s dating needs, Zoosk seems better placed to serve them. Here is why:

  • Zoosk is flexible because it allows men to search for different types of relationships. Usually, not many men are willing to settle down immediately. Such men will benefit from the fact that the site has single ladies looking for short-term relationships.
  • The site allows users to buy other users digital gifts. This offers men an excellent chance to show how much they like their possible matches.
  • The “Super Send” unique feature is also a great functionality many men would love to use. This feature allows you to send flirty messages to several women at once. Moreover, Zoosk provides pre-written messages, so you wouldn’t have to struggle thinking about what to write.
  • Also, the “Boost” feature works well for men. With competition for the ladies tight, this helps to increase your visibility on the platform.

Which One Is Better for Women?

Several reports on online dating reveal that women face numerous challenges when dating online. As a result, they are usually very selective about the site they join. However, there are certain features they regard highly that a site must have before they join. Here is why many women would prefer joining Plenty Of Fish:

  • POF is an ideal site for ladies looking for love. If you want to find someone in your locality, you can search for them by location. Since more ladies search for love, this site would serve them better.
  • Even though there are more men than women on the site, it has a feature called “POF Chemistry Predictor.” This feature tests a user’s family orientation, self-confidence, social dependency, and how easy-going they are. The site collects all this data during registration. This will help the ladies to get the perfect match for their relationship needs.
  • The site is secure. Because of cases of cyberbullying and harassment, ladies need a safe dating platform. POF the site scrutinizes member activity to ensure that everyone sticks to the set regulations. Moreover, it allows users to block and report users who break the rules.
  • It allows women to search for their perfect matches with dignity. For example, if a lady or a man posts anything on their profile that has any sexual language, the site deletes it. As a result, it has helped create an environment where users interact with dignity. This makes POF perfect for ladies, especially those looking for serious relationships.

Zoosk vs POF – Target Audience

Zoosk vs Plenty of Fish target audience comparison is interesting. You see, Zoosk is flexible and admits users looking for both long-term and short-term relationships. On the other hand, POF is more focused on love. Therefore, on Zoosk, you will find members looking for different relationships, while POF mainly attracts members looking for love.

When it comes to age, both sites seem to be targeting youthful members aged between 25 and 34. However, Zoosk seems more attractive to younger users while POF attracts a significant number of users aged 35 plus.

Interface and Usability

Plenty Of Fish dating site is straightforward. However, navigation is usually challenging because the site owners continually improve it; hence you might not find things where you left them. Moreover, the site developers seem to have focused more on functionality than aesthetics.

On the other hand, Zoosk’s website is more beautiful. The site is also user-friendly and can be used by users of all age groups. However, newbies might have challenges using the site at first, but quick learners usually hit the ground running fast.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

Before discussing the Plenty Of Fish vs Zoosk cost comparison, here is a breakdown of what both sites offer:


Free Services

  • Registering a new account.
  • Creating dating profiles.
  • Sending hearts and smiles.
  • Access to Carousel.
  • Ability to view full user profiles.

Fee-Based Services

  • Sending messages.
  • Complete access to the “SmartPicks” feature.
  • Ability to browse incognito.
  • Access to the chat feature.
  • See users that like you.

Here are the subscription plans to choose from:

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 29.99 USD / Month 29.99 USD
3 Month 20.00 USD / Month 59.99 USD
6 Month 12.50 USD / Month 74.99 USD

Plenty Of Fish

Free Services

  • Account creation.
  • Sending messages.
  • Getting match suggestions.
  • Adding members to your favorites’ list.
  • See who is online.
  • Take the Compatibility Predictor Test.
  • View other users’ profiles.
  • Send voice messages.
  • Take part in forums.
  • See members in your locality.
  • Download the mobile app.

Fee-Based Services

  • Be top on the “Meet Me” feature’s list.
  • View extended user profiles.
  • Know you sent messages’ status.
  • Enjoy an ad-free experience.
  • Get notified when someone visits your profile.
  • Stand out on other members’ search results.
  • Send up to three gifts in one day.
Duration Costs Total
2 Months 19.35 USD/Month 38.70 USD
4 Months 12.75 USD/Month 51.00 USD
8 Months 10.18 USD/Month 81.40 USD

Based on the details above, both sites offer their users, several users, some services for free. However, Zoosk seems more costly than POF as it charges its users for everything.

Pros and Cons


Pros Cons
  • The site comes with plenty of unique features.
  • It has a mobile app accessible on iOS and Android devices.
  • It has a massive following worldwide, and most of the members are active.
  • The population of men and women is almost equal.
  • Allows members to send digital gifts.
  • Users must spend extra to enjoy the basic features.
  • It is expensive.

Plenty Of Fish

Pros Cons
  • It is a secure dating site with moderators who ensure users post the right content on the site.
  • It has a massive user base spread across the world, making it easy for you to find your mate.
  • User profiles have excellent quality resulting in more accurate match suggestions.
  • It offers its members numerous searching options helping them find the most accurate matches.
  • It comes with the Relationship Chemistry Test that measures five different features of your identity.
  • The dating site does not have a video chat option.
  • It does not have ID verification.

And the Winner Is?…

Based on the discussions of this review, the Plenty of Fish vs Zoosk duel is won by Plenty Of Fish. However, if you are not convinced why here are the reasons:

  • Plenty of Fish has a bigger user base spread across different countries. This means you cannot miss a perfect match if you were to choose from the millions available.
  • The dating site is secure. When you look at the dating site, there are no fake profiles; most of the users are real people. This means that users are safe when browsing the site, giving them more confidence to keep looking for their perfect match. POF also allows users to block and report members breaking the code of conduct. It also automatically signs you out if you stay for long before using.
  • POF also offers Online Personality Assessment which helps uses find their matches faster. The site uses the details you provide while filling the assessment to find you, other like-minded users.
  • The site features are affordable because it allows users to access many features free of charge.
  • The dating service has an excellent reputation and is among the first dating sites users could use to find love. That the website has been in operation for a while means that the services must be excellent.

All these notable features confirm that in the Zoosk vs POF comparison, POF comes out on top!

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